Greetings from Denver: A Free, Limited Edition T-Shirt by GoSpotCheck

Sep 9, 2014 in Design

For the second year in a row, GoSpotCheck is a proud sponsor of Denver Startup Week, an annual event dedicated to our local community of elevated innovation. At GoSpotCheck, a majority of our employees are Colorado natives, born and raised. And even those employees who’ve come from out of state can not help but love Denver, an amazing city we’re proud to call home. Because of this, we wanted to create a unique handout for this year’s Denver Startup Week: a limited edition, Denver-themed art t-shirt.


The t-shirt is a pure Denver effort, through and through. Most obviously is the actual design. Inspired by traditional postcards welcoming visitors to quaint American towns, the “Greetings from Denver” t-shirt incorporates over 30 Denver icons ranging from the most notable to some only true Denver-ites might appreciate. You’ll find references to our great music scene, craft beer, cultural institutions and college rivalries. In the top left corner of the “V”, there’s a bearded man wearing a Keep Denver Beard t-shirt designed by local Aaron Pettijohn. A t-shirt design inside a t-shirt design—wow! The illustration work alone took over 40 hours and was done in Illustrator using a Wacom Bamboo Tablet.


Aside from design, the “Greetings from Denver” t-shirt was printed by some of the best printers in Colorado. Our men’s fit t-shirts (available in S, M, L, XL and 2XL) were screen printed by A Small Print Shop and women’s fit t-shirts (S, M, L, XL) by IndyInk. If you’re ever in need of local printers who value quality and are a joy to work with, check out both of these shops. Also, the shirts are made by Next Level Apparel, a WRAP Certified company, recommended by A Small Print Shop.


As a way to promote the t-shirt (and avoid having a bunch leftover), we decided to create a fun microsite: Aside from seeing where you can pick up your free shirt, the main feature of the HTML5 website is the detailed vector illustration created as individual SVGs. “SVG” stands for “Scalable Vector Graphic” meaning that unlike traditional images on the internet, SVGs are not pixel-based. This means you can zoom in and out infinitely, while the image retains perfectly crisp lines, ideal for high resolution viewing.

Because the t-shirt illustration is so detailed, we wanted to highlight the details in an enticing way. The t-shirt is available in two different colorways: mint green printed on heathered black, and orange printed on navy blue. Above the SVG illustration on the microsite, there’s a button which allows you to switch between the two colorways to preview the shirt. The transition (only viewable in modern browsers) is accomplished through simple fades and delays in timing. You can play with animation yourself on the microsite: animate the illustration here.

Side Note – Cotton Blend*: A T-Shirt Art Show

Do you love t-shirts, design, and supporting local good causes? Then head over to The Source on Friday, September 19th between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. to see Cotton Blend. Cotton Blend is a t-shirt art show featuring some amazing local talent (Evan Huwa, Debbie Clapper, Anthony Cozzi, Berger & Föhr, Sean Klassen & Aaron Ray to name a few), curated by Amy Kitt. Proceeds from the show will benefit DAVA, an organization which provides community-based arts education programs for at-risk youth. View Cotton Blend details here.

*Please note: GoSpotCheck is not participating in “Cotton Blend: A T-Shirt Art Show”.

Would you like a FREE “Greetings from Denver” T-Shirt?

We’re all about sharing the love, and can’t wait to get this limited edition shirt out to other passionate people. Check out to see where you can snag a free shirt during Denver Startup Week, September 15 – 19, 2014.