Using GoSpotCheck to ensure health and safety compliance in light of coronavirus 

The GoSpotCheck team has been closely monitoring the worldwide escalation of COVID-19, or the coronavirus disease, since its outbreak earlier this year. The state of Colorado announced its first case just last week, and with our headquarters located here in Denver, our office has initiated a set of illness prevention guidelines to prioritize our employees’ safety and wellbeing: from increased amounts of hand sanitizer and disinfectant to updated work-from-home policies, limited non-essential travel regulations, and restricted office visitor standards.

In addition to our GoSpotCheck team, the health of our customers and their workforces is of utmost importance to us -- whether local or across-the-globe. As many of our customers publish and implement their own COVID-19 prevention measures, some have shared that they found the GoSpotCheck platform a very effective way to ensure those health and safety standards are met -- and to periodically share updates and news with their workforce to increase transparency.

Example COVID-19 Policy Compliance Mission

We know that keeping your employees healthy and safe is a top priority for your business. In the spirit of promoting employee safety and encouraging compliance with COVID-19 policies across your organization, we put together to an example COVID-19 Policy Compliance Mission. The purpose of a Mission like this is to ensure policy distribution and awareness across your team, and validate that safety supplies are stocked and available where they ought to be.

Section 1: Policy Review

In section 1, the focus is placed on ensuring policy updates and changes have made their way throughout the organization. The questions serve as a checklist of key tasks to perform, and includes follow-up conditional tasks to make sure every team member is accounted for and that signs are displayed in all required locations. Also, you can include a link to a PDF of the the policy document as an infolink on Task 1.

Section 2: Supply Check

Section 2 is more about the tactical implementation of some of your policy's requirements around your workspace. Again, follow-up photo tasks are included for some of the most critical supply requirements to validate that they are in fact present and fully stocked. As always, these sections and questions are meant to serve as a starting place for your occupational health and safety missions, but please feel free to modify or change any of the tasks to suit your business and workforce.

It's our hope that this Mission might help your business to promote a healthy workforce, improve communication in the event of an outbreak, and rest-assured you’re taking all necessary steps to effectively prepare for COVID-19.

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