The only image recognition app for every on- or off-premise display.  

GoSpotCheck by FORM's Image Recognition is tested and trusted by top brands and distributors like PepsiCo, ABInBev, Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits, and Keurig Dr Pepper to drive sales and execution in the market.
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Improve compliance in every account to grow sales.


Use our intuitive Grid Capture to survey every product instantly.


Gather data from your in-line, in-set, or on-shelf displays. Monitor the status of critical SKUs and ensure consistency down every aisle.

Cocktail Menu

Get insights on menu share and placement in on-premise accounts—for both branded and non-branded cocktail ingredients.

Wine Menu

See menu position, category placement, and menu share at the SKU-level on wine menu.

Back Bar

Capture, stitch, and analyze back bar photos in real-time to track positioning and compliance with AI.


Image Recognition analyzes price tags and signage to automate compliance surveys for better competitive insights.

Beer Menu

Get instant insights into beer menu share at on-premise accounts.

Beer Taps

Instantly track what's on tap with AI-generated insights for tap handles.


Cut survey times by 75% with the only task management app powered by computer vision.

Save Time

Audit accounts 75% faster and visit more locations in less time with GoSpotCheck by FORM's intuitive AI for market execution.

Improve Data Accuracy

Boost efficiency and accuracy with our easy-to-use mobile app that enables reps to quickly capture data and detects out-of-stocks, shelf share, compliance, and more.

Win Market Share

Get instant insights into compliance, pricing, and competitor programs to boost sales and win more market share.


Sell more in a snap.


One-of-a-kind image
capture saves reps time.

Our exclusive grid-capture UI is built for how reps work.

On-device guides help reps capture entire aisles with just a few taps while our AI stitches images together for one holistic view of any set size.

Better photos mean better insights.

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GoSpotCheck - task management

On-device reporting
drives instant action in the field.

Reps receive analytics on-device in minutes to spot and resolve issues while still on-site.

No one knows your products better, and now you can boost rep performance in real-time.

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GoSpotCheck - task management

Advanced insights
track category share and positioning–fast.

Get SKU-level insights on position, leading items, share, out-of-stocks, and compliance to drive more sales.

Use your own data categories to understand what’s happening in every account with configurable dashboards that measure and track KPI performance and trigger workflows for corrective action.

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GoSpotCheck - task management

Dynamic photo
reporting proves execution.

Get a clear picture of execution and filter photos by SKU, supplier, category, and other criteria.

Explore your photo metadata to understand what our AI is detecting by label, pack size, and more.

Create, distribute, and automate photo reports in seconds via shareable links, JPG, and PowerPoint.

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GoSpotCheck - task management

Take a tour of Image Recognition Technology.

Click through a self-guided tour to see how top field teams use our mobile AI to capture, analyze, and act on data and improve execution, everywhere.
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