About the Company

We’re reimagining how the mobile workforce works.

...Because we believe in doers — the ones who take action and get the job done. The ones who change companies and industries forever.

Doers take pride in crushing a goal; closing a sale; making a customer happy; and delivering ahead of schedule.

Doers don’t waste time and don’t risk results — they do more with less.

We see a world where the doers do less work about work, and have more time for important things — on and off the clock.

Always driving forward and taking pride in what they’ve accomplished.

We believe in the doers, because we are doers, too. We are customer-obsessed; execution-oriented; growth-minded, and passionately curious.

And we build great products for the doers of the world, so they can do what they do best: Great Work.


We believe in the power of human ingenuity and create technology to unleash it. We’re here to free mobile workers from the mundane and open up new worlds of possibility and prosperity, powered by the people.


We believe we’re only as successful as our customers. We’re here to help them reach their goals. We provide exceptional customer service, strategic recommendations, and personalized account management to ensure they’re successful.


We believe business has a fundamental imperative to help solve the complex challenges facing our planet today. We built a company centered on helping them succeed so they can do just that.

Our Leaders:

Our company was born in the Mile High City, where a love for the outdoors, beer brewing, and the Broncos run deep. We’re childhood friends and do our best to go to bed smarter and be half as friendly as our dogs.

We’re proud to be part of a vibrant community filled with innovators and entrepreneurs and we believe world-class tech companies can and will be built in Denver. We’re passionate about creating intuitive, beautiful, effective tools to power the mobile workforce around the world.

Chief Executive Officer
Matt Talbot

Matt leads Strategy, Finance, and Innovation and has a BS from Bucknell. He is a former corporate finance leader at Johnson & Johnson.

Chief Sales Officer
Samantha Holloway

Sam leads Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. She is a former retail entrepreneur with graduate degrees in business and psychology from the University of Denver.

Chief Product Officer
Joey Alfano

Joey leads Product and has a BS from Bucknell and an International MBA from the University of Denver. He is an expert in global IT consulting, ERP, and big data.

Our Co-Founders:

Our company was born in the Mile High City, where a love for the outdoors, beer brewing, and the Broncos run deep. Our founders, Matt and Joey, were childhood friends, and Joey and Samantha met at DU in grad school. The three started GoSpotCheck in a garage together after graduating from Boulder Techstars in 2011. Their spirit lives on in our product, our teams, and our values. Like them, we're proud to be part of a vibrant community of innovators and entrepreneurs who believe what you do matters. Our founders worked tirelessly to create opportunity, and were defined by generosity--for their customers, their team members, and the community. Jobs are short, but careers are long, and we're stoked to carry on their values. Thanks, guys.

Our People:

We are philanthropists, marathoners, travelers, musicians, and more. Together, we’ve created a culture that encourages us to have fun, stay sane, and take care.

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Our Values:

Do Great Work

Everything we do at GoSpotCheck stems from this value. Mediocrity has no place here. Details matter.

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Focus on What's Important

Don’t let the urgent trump the harder, more important problems.

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We communicate frequently, openly, and honestly. We ask the hard questions, but with respect.

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Own It

We take responsibility for our failures and mistakes and share our successes.

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Go to Bed Smarter

Learning is not something that happens from time to time. We thrive and grow on what we learn.

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Have Fun, Stay Sane, Take Care

As a team, we have chosen to spend our time here, and to make this the best place to work.

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