This week, Forbes named GoSpotCheck as one of top five retail execution apps for retailers looking to empower their frontline teams to achieve efficiency and improve the customer experience.

Richard Kestenbaum’s article, What Retail Technology Needs to Do Next, explores the steps retailers need to take in order to retain employees and delight customers as the industry shifts to accommodate both online and offline experiences. 

Supply chain management has been a top priority in recent years for retail technology spend, but only solves one piece of the puzzle. Kestenbaum talks to experts at Bloomingdale's, AdoreMe, and Publicis Sapient who have found that leading brands are now investing in technology that not only efficiently and effectively moves products closer to consumers -- but also places store employees at the center of the customer experience. We’re honored to be among his selections for turnkey solutions that accomplish both, along with key players like Workjam, AllWork, and Wipro Limited. 

 “Leaders agree that people are the difference between success and failure in retail stores and yet the world of retail technology is nearly silent on the topic. For technology to work well, the people working in retail stores need to be happy and get the tools they need to succeed. Without that, no other technology will matter.”

Intuitive technology that puts power in the hands of retail store associates will position brands for long-term success through increased employee retention and improved sales and profits. Kestenbaum names the top five solutions benefitting retailers today, including GoSpotCheck, which equips employees with an intuitive, engaging, and accessible tool to help them get their jobs done. “GoSpotCheck’s goal is to make sure store execution is as flawless as possible without taking store employees away from their primary task: servicing customers.” 

Read Kestenbaum’s full article in Forbes to learn more about GoSpotCheck and the power of people in retail.

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