Just announced: Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits selects GoSpotCheck’s image recognition app for field sales execution.
Just announced: Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits selects GoSpotCheck’s image recognition app for field sales execution.
PhotoWorks by GoSpotCheck is now available: See next-generation photo reporting in action today.

Capabilities Overview

Create, execute, and report on tasks across teams and locations.


GoSpotCheck is a mobile task management platform for teams that connects frontline employees with corporate goals and directives, creates a shared view of the field, and helps leaders make better decisions, faster.

Our platform is designed to flexibly support diverse business processes previously completed on pen and paper, Excel, Sharepoint, email, and internally-developed applications. We make task completion simple and engaging for distributed teams with a mobile application built for speed and efficiency.

As tasks are completed, leaders receive insights about the work being done across locations through reporting dashboards that track activity in real-time so they can seize opportunities, reduce risk, and improve the customer experience on the frontline.

Our capabilities give end users the features they need to do great work, and help leaders reach conclusions at-a-glance about the right action to take next.

How it Works

Web Dashboard

GoSpotCheck Admins design and distribute tasks and manage people, places, and data in a simple, no-code interface.

Mobile App

Distributed teams complete tasks and capture data in an easy-to-use mobile app, designed to improve efficiency and engagement.

Reporting Suite

Leaders receive and analyze insights from the field in real-time using GoSpotCheck reporting dashboards that help them spot and close execution gaps, quickly.

Key Capabilities

Additional Features


Barcode Scanning
Content Sharing
In-App Contact Management
In-App Driving Directions
In-App Dashboards + Leaderboards
In-App Live Support
Offline Mode
Timestamps and Geo-Tags


Language Localizations

Additionally, missions can be written in any language

App Availability

iOS - Phones + Tablets
Android - Phones + Tablets
Currently not supported on Windows 10

Data Types Captured

  • Count/Quantity
  • Date
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Select
  • Photo
  • Price
  • Searchable List
  • Short Answer
  • Signature
  • Sliding Scale
  • Temperature
  • Yes/No