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Food Safety + QA

Protect your guests and your bottom line.

Each foodborne illness incident can cost QSRs up to $2.1 million in expense per location. Reduce risk and ensure consistent quality with GoSpotCheck.

The problem.

For restaurants, growth and profitability are driven by the quality and safety of the food served every day across locations.

But maintaining food safety and quality at scale requires frequent training, strong SOPs, and efficient leadership for frontline teams. Highly structured and digitized processes ensure standards are being met consistently, and customized dashboards quickly flag operators to locations where health and safety are at risk.

Without these safeguards, restaurant brands put guests and themselves at risk.

in expense liability per QSR food safety incident on average.

tasks completed in GoSpotCheck to date globally.

The solution.

GoSpotCheck enables restaurant and food service teams to design, distribute, execute, and analyze food safety & quality assurance processes quickly and efficiently.

Gain visibility into daily operations to improve execution and ensure standards are met in every location, every day. Close the gaps between what you’ve planned for your guests, and what’s delivered to them, including in franchised locations. Save time and improve accuracy on key tasks like food temping with Bluetooth thermometer IoT sensor integrations that capture data and alert leaders to temperatures that fall outside acceptable ranges. Identify areas where training and refreshers can make an impact. Get real-time visibility into the quality and consistency of your offerings across markets. Efficiently manage new operations like curbside pick up and delivery and train teams on vital COVID-19 protocols.

The impact.

By investing in food safety technology that systematically mitigates risk and provides company-wide visibility in real-time, brands can reduce incidents, keep team members and guests safe, and drive cost reduction in legal expenses and fines.

GoSpotCheck empowers restaurants and food service providers to stay in control of their food quality from start-to-finish, and to ensure frontline teams have the tools they need to be successful.

report foodborne illness in Yelp reviews, but not to the Department of Health.

How It Works

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GoSpotCheck helped us understand where our opportunities are, reinforce ‘here are the things we need to work on’ and prioritize our resources... We're confident in the ROI."

John Scheid
ADQ Director of Concept Support Services, Dairy Queen

GoSpotCheck drives governance on key things like allergens, makes it simple and easy to keep people safe and stay customer-centric. It’s easy for teams to access; our operators use the dashboard throughout the day--it narrows the conversations--instead of talking about 20 things, they talk about the 3 things they need to improve focus on; anyone can look at the missions and see what’s trending--it gives us a window into our world. Our district managers cite that they save on average 5 working days per year by using GoSpotcheck to complete operational checklists.”

Jonathan Neech
GM Brand Development, Compass Group Australia

GoSpotCheck is extremely easy to use--love the real-time feedback the dashboards provide; love using photos to provide coaching opportunities; we use it to manage day-to-day operations and prioritize our focus on priority stores, and our team members like using it!” 

Coffee + Bagel Brands

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