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User Experience Matters

In 2010, researchers in Switzerland had a question. They wanted to know what impact a mobile app’s user experience had on end-user productivity. In other words, would a user be able to accomplish more on a mobile app with a higher quality user interface?

To test this, they asked 60 individuals to complete a series of identical tasks using two variants of the same mobile application. One app was designed to be flashy and loud, the other was more visually-appealing.

The results of the experiment were conclusive: not only did participants prefer to interact with the visually-appealing version of the app, but they also were able to complete more tasks in the same amount of time than they could using the Mobile App with the poor user experience.

UX Month at GSC

GoSpotCheck has been a long-time believer in the importance of user-focused design. In fact, the very first team member GoSpotCheck’s founders brought onboard to help them build an amazing product was a designer. Today, that team has grown quite a bit; but even though they are stronger in numbers and have a new name (the Product Design Team), their Mission remains the same:

Our Mission is to enhance the lives of our customers and the people they serve; Through user-design, we deliver clear, coherent, and satisfying solutions and experiences

In early 2019, the Product Design team set their sights on several tangible ways we could improve the way end-users of both the mobile app and the web app interact with the application. The team is beyond excited to roll them to you over the course of May 2019, a month we’ve designated as UX Month at GoSpotCheck.


What You Can Expect

This month, we’re rolling out 3 enhancements to the GoSpotCheck user experience including:

1. iOS and Android User Interface Refresh

First up, we’re releasing a gorgeous refresh to the user interface of our iOS andAndroid Mobile Apps. By infusing a more modern look-and-feel into the overall mobile experience (including new icons, colors and conventions), our aim is to improve focus on the work at hand, all while delivering an experience that is familiar and intuitive to first-time and long-time users of the mobile app alike.

2. Step-by-Step Mission Builder

Next up, Mission Creation. To simplify the experience of creating a Mission in GoSpotCheck and to provide enhanced focus to the creators of new Missions, we’ve broken out the process into three steps: Build,  Schedule and Notify.  Also, building on last quarter’s Mission Availability release (and the feedback we heard from you!), the Schedule tab includes a brand new experience for setting the Mission’s Schedule, Availability and Response limits.

3. In-App Guides & Content

Throughout the month, we’ll also be launching a number of interactive, in-app touch-points, intended to help both Mobile and Web Users have a delightful experience using GoSpotCheck. Watch out for brand new Onboarding User Guides & Tooltips, In-App Usability Surveys, and a comprehensive Resource Center in the web-app.

We Want to Hear From You

At GoSpotCheck, we are reimagining the way the mobile workforce works. Part of that reimagination includes constantly iterating on the way you interact with the platform, in pursuit of the clearest, most coherent and satisfying experience possible. And to that end, if there’s one thing our Product Design loves most, it’s hearing directly from our users on how well we’re doing in meeting that goal. If you have any feedback on any of the updates released during UX Month, we’d love to hear from you; please send all comments and feedback to

Wishing you and yours a very happy UX Month from all of us at GoSpotCheck. 😽

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