The beverage industry continues to adapt to changes in consumer preferences for convenience, premiumization, order and delivery, and taste. 

40% of the nation’s consumers are Gen Z, and 50% of them still prefer to buy alcohol in stores. That means managing and ensuring impeccable execution on and off-premise is key to capturing every selling opportunity. 

But that’s easier said than done. Managing large field teams, servicing diverse portfolios, and keeping everyone aligned takes work, plus solid tools that enable speed and accuracy.

GoSpotCheck is here to help. 

We designed the GoSpotCheck platform with end users in mind to work the way you do. Our mobile experience efficiently guides mobile workers through tasks while establishing context and prioritization so you can reach your goals in record time, with consistency. As teams complete work, real-time data flows in to reporting dashboards, so you can spot and close execution gaps, or understand which outcomes are at risk.

Here are a few key ways our Beer, Wine, and Spirits partners leverage GoSpotCheck’s mobile app and reporting dashboards to improve performance and increase efficiency: 

Using GoSpotCheck’s mobile app, teams closely monitor program compliance, planograms, voids, displays, shelf, cooler, menu, tap, and more, and collect real-time data in every account. In addition to GPS, time and date-stamped meta data captured the instant a mission begins, teams can take live photos, available for review in our Photo Album dashboard, where you can filter by program, location, region, brand, and more.

Export photos instantly into PDF or PowerPoint, and share with partners. Reps can also work in offline mode without ever losing work; once they’re back on WiFi, data captured automatically uploads to the cloud. Visualize your data in intuitive reporting dashboards in our Insights analytics suite, or export it and combine it with other data sets in your own BI platform.

GoSpotCheck’s conditional logic, Smart Teams and Place Groups, in-app alerts, and mission availability capabilities mean that reps only receive the tasks and projects that are relevant to them, which keeps them engaged, and saves you time directing work. Our catalog and barcode scanning features help reps find products quickly and keep them moving.

Knowledge is power: send in-app training and content to level-up selling behavior, and easily share documents, URLs, videos, sell-sheets, and more. Eliminate the need to context switch or dig through files to retrieve information. Set and measure attainment goals, tie data into incentive reporting and payouts, manage your business dynamically, and boost performance when it counts most. Configure leaderboards to keep sellers inspired and competing, and place focus on the activities that will move the needle.

Your field team or distributors are your eyes and ears on the ground. Capturing real-time data and visualizing it in a way that helps you make better decisions, faster, produces a meaningful competitive edge. Combined with other data sets like sales, depletion, and eCommerce gives you a 360-view of your position in the market.

New product development, set localization, sell-in opportunities, and more can be surfaced in the execution data you capture, visualized in our Insights suite.

Reporting, reimagined for results.

Configure data visualizations for at-a-glance performance signals, or shine a spotlight for more detail. Automate and share reports via email, API, or SFTP file drips with content available in CSV, PDF, PowerPoint, and visualization formats.

Connect with our industry experts today. 

Curious to see how GoSpotCheck can work for you and your team? Click to schedule a time to chat with Tim Hamm, our Market Director for beer, wine and Spirits 15 years of experience delivering exceptional sales performance and enabling category leaders in supply and distribution. 

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