We’re reimagining how top retailers improve the customer experience.

We’ve helped mobile workers across 6 continents complete 500,000,000 business-building Missions in the field.

Proudly Serving:
  • Apparel
  • Supermarket
  • Discount
  • Convenience
  • Department
  • Drug
  • Specialty
  • Mass
  • Warehouse/Club
  • Wholesale
  • Brokers

Improve Execution

  • Manage execution of key tasks & track operations with our retail execution app
  • Collect real-time field data with live photos
  • Standardize & strengthen merchandising
  • Audit out of stocks, voids, spoilage and planograms
  • Audit marketing & brand materials
  • Conduct PCI checks
  • Audit delivery stations & supplies
  • Audit in-store shopper standards
  • Evaluate individual, team & store-level performance
  • Document corrective action
  • Drive compliance & accountability with third-parties/vendors
  • Create filters & set up email alerts to know instantly when something’s wrong
  • Resolve issues faster with one-click email resolution
  • Reduce time spent reporting & increase time serving customers
  • Analyze location history to track issues, progress & personnel performance
  • Track competitor behavior & pricing
  • Ensure consistent customer experiences

Ensure Compliance

  • Demonstrate promo & display compliance for suppliers
  • Audit product & merchandising SOPs
  • Audit occupational & food safety SOPs
  • Support loss prevention
  • Complete safety incident reports
  • Capture facility, equipment & R&M requests
  • Audit price, sign and tag accuracy
  • Audit scales
  • Audit supplies & packaging
  • Implement corrective action
  • Track store activity & productivity with time and geotag-stamped reporting
  • Upload merchandising expectations, planograms, and sales materials to each Mission
  • Enable teams to maintain productivity at all times with offline capability
  • Text images from the app to decision-makers
  • Download photo galleries for C-Suite reporting

Drive Sales

  • Ensure & confirm successful go to market promotions
  • Place focus on activities that drive revenue
  • Incentivize & reward a culture of service
  • Audit demo and sampling events
  • Collect customer experience feedback
  • Monitor store conditions & cleanliness
  • Send push notifications to mobile workers & keep important alerts in front of your team
  • Improve relationships & track notes, contacts, and reminders with our light in-app CRM
  • Sync with Salesforce
  • Spot gaps & identify opportunities in the market
  • Complete comp shops & analysis faster to make nimble adjustments

How It Works

Kim, a store manager for Fresh Green Grocery, receives an alert she’s been assigned a new survey to complete, called a Mission, from her regional operations director, Naomi. The region has had an issue with spoilage in Produce, but will be first-to-market on organic peaches and needs a strong launch. The company also introduced a new brand campaign, and materials are expected to be hung by opening. Naomi needs to audit these promotions carefully to ensure strong ROI from the field. When Kim begins the Mission, it’s geotagged and timestamped.


Kim takes live photos of her produce cooler and sales floor to document how much product she has in stock–she’s purchased correctly and her peach display is right-sized for weekend sales. She reviews the brand material 1-sheet and adjusts her signage. In her audit, she realized she’s missing an outdoor banner. She completes her Mission quickly and spends an extra 5 minutes huddling with her team members about the new brand campaign.


Kim receives new Missions from Noami to provide dimensions for the missing outdoor banner she needs and to walk his salad bar which has received customer complaints on Yelp.


Kim provides her banner dimensions and walks the salad bar, taking live photos of the execution which is much better because of a training the team had on food safety last week.


Naomi gets an alert that Kim has submitted her audit. She goes into the GoSpotCheck reporting platform to analyze her findings and provide coaching.


Naomi reviews her Insights Dashboard to review the salad bar photos and downloads a CSV to email to marketing with the new banner dimensions, along with a photo for placement and scale since Mark’s store is a flagship on a busy corner downtown.

We use GoSpotCheck in the field to gather qualitative and quantitative data. We take that real-time data and process it through Under Armour’s different departments to increase our bottom line, and ultimately, increase our revenue.”

Holly Kelleher
Field Communications Manager at Under Armour

We cut the amount of time we previously spent loading and pulling information in half. Now we have the capability to make notes so that we know what is out of stock, then we can make sure everything is set up correctly in the distributor’s system and we can check in with the manufacturer to make sure they’re shipping the product correctly.”

Joe Adamsen
National Director of Natural Operations at Alliance Sales & Marketing

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Implementation Services

Your dedicated Delivery & Activation Team configures and implements our app with you. We provide user training, Mission set up, report formatting, API integrations, and more.

Customer Success

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager learns your goals, analyzes your Missions, and provides powerful insights to grow your business.

Live Support

We offer live support, 7 days a week, from Denver, CO to ensure your team can always do great work.

API Integration

Our API offers seamless integrations with Salesforce, Tableau, CRMs, ERPs, Inventory Management, Brokerage, HR & Work Order Ticket Systems, IRI, Nielsen, depletion and other syndicated data. We fit seamlessly into your digital ecosystem.

SSO Enabled

We have full Single Sign On (SSO) functionality and robust role & permission features to ensure strong data governance.

Data Encrypted

We provide data encryption in transit and at rest, SCIM provisioning, and are GDPR compliant. Our uptime is 99.9%.

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