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Field Sales + Performance

Grow and protect market share.

Inspire field teams to perform and seize competitive opportunities.

The problem.

Field sales teams can make a bigger top-line impact than any role in the organization--when they’re selling. However, burdensome tasks like manual data compilation and reporting reduce time for selling, relationship building, and problem-solving, and sideline great sales teams. More “work about work” can lead to weakened market position, diminished topline growth, strained relationships in key accounts, and discouraged reps.

On average, less than 40% of a sales rep’s time is spent on selling-related tasks. [1]

tasks completed in GoSpotCheck to date globally.

The solution.

Streamline the field sales process with GoSpotCheck to free up time for high-value activities, increase product knowledge, spot opportunities, and improve outcomes through a guided selling process.

GoSpotCheck’s mobile app and reporting dashboards help sales teams efficiently capture market data and photos in the field and provide a rolled up view about product, price, position, assortment, share, competitor activity, and more. Date, time, and geo-stamped assignments ensure credibility and accountability and give you leading indicators on the status of every account.

Protect valuable field intelligence and preserve account history, even if reps change, with data stored at the location level. Help teams stay productive in spotty WiFi areas and capture data in offline mode. Keep reps organized with in-app location listings and map functions, plus push notifications and alerts to guide priorities in the field. Upload dynamic product catalogs correlated to locations so reps have accurate product data by account. Provide training and product knowledge in-app and attach reference materials in a variety of digital formats, including planograms, sell sheets, incentive overviews, training videos, and more. Monitor and measure attainment so you can deliver on goals every period and close gaps while there’s still time.

The impact.

Our field sales customers have reduced admin time by 20% per week, per rep. They’ve recaptured one day per rep each week and reinvested labor into higher-value selling activities, account planning, additional location calls, and more.

So, let’s do some math. If, conservatively, the average Field Sales Rep salary is $50,000/year, and you save 52 days/year by digitizing the field sales process, you can reinvest 416 hours, or $10,000, into activities that directly drive topline sales and grow market share.

Now, multiply that number by the size of your field team to get a rough estimate for the amount of labor reinvestment you’ll achieve when implementing GoSpotCheck for your team. And remember--that number doesn’t include the additional topline sales you’ll drive with a better-equipped team who has the digital tools they need to do great work, all on a mobile device.

Our customers have saved 52 days/year per rep to reinvest into selling.

How It Works

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We use GoSpotCheck in the field to gather qualitative and quantitative data. We take that real-time data and process it through Under Armour’s different departments to increase our bottom line, and ultimately, increase our revenue.”

Holly Kelleher
Field Communications Manager at Under Armour

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We grade ourselves against what our competitor is doing. We can take a look at retailers and see which ones are achieving our goals, which ones aren’t, and then provide valuable feedback to the managers so when they do the next go-round of planograms, they can use that information and have a benchmark on how to improve or keep growing.”

Carole Jones
National Retail Sales Manager, US., Dole

We have been able to close 25% more out of stocks with our proprietary algorithm and alert system in GoSpotCheck...For our retail reps, there’s no comparison. The technology works with you; you don’t have to work around it. There’s so much more we can do today that we couldn’t do 3 years ago, and our customers reap the benefit.”

Nathan Johnson & Austin Scott
Retail Execution Manager & Business Intelligence Direction at Empire Marketing Strategies

We’ve really seen better efficiencies and we have better data; I’m able to pick something out of GoSpotCheck in 2 minutes that would have taken me 2 days to find team is now doing all their reports in the field, and they don’t spend all day Monday typing reports on a computer at home. Instead, they’re making more calls or visiting more partners; it’s really sped up our team and made us more efficient...I can track performance in real-time; it’s a great view into what’s happening live. We’ve seen a huge time savings and better information coming back to headquarters.”

Angela Ireton
Field Service Manager, Keen

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