A leading food broker works with GoSpotCheck to realize business-wide success

Empire Marketing Strategies, a food broker exclusive to one of the nation’s largest grocers, Kroger, celebrates its 40th anniversary this month -- and the results of its partnership with GoSpotCheck. Empire services over 2,500 locations in all Kroger banners across the country in complex grocery categories from perishables to center aisle, and empowers 700 of its team members with tech tools to enable excellence for some of the world’s leading CPG brands.

After just nine months of implementing GoSpotCheck into its proprietary algorithm for predicting out-of-stocks, Empire closed 25% more out-of-stocks, saved over $1M of on-shelf value for its brands, and optimized almost 16,000 labor hours into its selling process as a result of the new process -- equivalent to seven full-time employees

“We’re seeing a huge difference for our brands and internal teams because we’re creating autonomy to react in-market to opportunities. At the end of the day, tapping into excellence, specialization, and empowerment is making the difference for our customers, and that’s at the root of who Empire really is.”
                 - Bob Halpin, Vice President of Retail, Empire Marketing Strategies 

The Empire team not only believes in the power of great technology -- but also in the power of the people who use it. Halpin continues:

“Investing in business intelligence and retail experts helps us keep growing and sell great products, and that’s what we love doing.”

We couldn’t agree more. 

Read more about Empire’s results here, and download the full case study here.

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