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Your customer list is your business, so of course you take really good care of it. And if you you’re one of the 20% of businesses using Salesforce to take care of your customer list (and more), we’re excited to announce the launch of GoSpotCheck’s Salesforce Sync Managed Package. This add-on allows you to seamlessly share critical data between Salesforce and GoSpotCheck, equipping your field team with the latest details about their accounts from Salesforce and bolstering your Salesforce data with fresh insight from the field. Plus, your admins will love that they only have to keep one data set updated instead of two.

Never ask yourself, “Did I remember to add that
new account to GoSpotCheck?” again.

How It Works

After you install and configure the GoSpotCheck Managed Package in your Salesforce instance, any changes you make within Salesforce, will be automatically reflected in GoSpotCheck.

You can use the Salesforce Managed Package to automatically update the following within GoSpotCheck:

You can also use it to sync the two platforms in the opposite direction: from GoSpotCheck back to Salesforce:

With this new two-way integration, every single Salesforce user at your company has visibility into the great work being done at each account. All Mission Responses associated with that account appear as new unique Salesforce Activities, which unlocks a whole world of Account-level Mission Response reporting directly from Salesforce.

Activities based on Mission Responses are a great way to capture the entire story of an account visit: but sometimes, all you need is one piece of that story. In those cases, you can map a specific task response value to an Account field in Salesforce, so every time that task response is submitted, the mapped field in Salesforce is automatically updated with the latest data. This is especially useful for teams who need to report, segment or rank their account list based on real-time GoSpotCheck data.

Why It Matters

Customers using Salesforce Sync have the peace of mind knowing that GoSpotCheck is always up to date with the latest from Salesforce, and Accounts in Salesforce are always up to date with the latest activity from GoSpotCheck. It also means that your system admins save time by eliminating the redundancy of keeping two separate platforms in sync. You empower your mobile workforce to be more productive when their accounts are kept in perfect sync with your system of record; no more wasted time visiting stores that were deactivated in Salesforce, but hadn’t been deactivated in GoSpotCheck yet. And, because GoSpotCheck Mission and Task Response data can be written back to the corresponding Account in Salesforce, Salesforce is continuously updated with the latest activities from the field, increasing the relevance and trustworthiness of Salesforce reports for report consumers.

For more information or to discuss pricing, please contact your Enterprise Sales Manger or Customer Success Manager.

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