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Survey accounts 75% faster.

Track compliance and improve execution on every display in restaurants, bars, food service, and event venues with GoSpotCheck’s image recognition powered by computer vision.

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Execute with accuracy.

Make stronger business decisions with advanced machine learning models that deliver reliable SKU-level data into every price and product.

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Grow market share on mobile.

Use the industry’s only AI app for every on-premise display to execute smarter, faster, and better than your competitors.

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Everything you need to know about Image Recognition.

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The benefits of image recognition are speed, accuracy, and almost zero manual input. Within 2 minutes and in a few pictures, our sales reps know the exact percentage of LRB category, and the exact SKUs of every item in the cooler. From a compliance standpoint, the biggest win is that we now have an electronic way to audit a store and take a planogram picture.


We can look at the retailers and see which ones are achieving our goals, which ones aren't, and then provide valuable feedback to the managers so when they do the next go-round of planograms, they can use that information and have a benchmark on how to improve or keep growing.


After implementing GoSpotCheck the JOH team spent 56% less time collecting data and creating reports — time which was then used to build relationships with retailers, secure additional display placements, and drive more business.


We’re hitting every single KPI with this platform–sales, margin, shrink, loss prevention, labor, and more. We believe it’s also leading to reduced turnover, greater productivity, better customer service, and generally a better workplace culture.

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