The facilities management industry is undergoing a dynamic shift in operational trends, leading to a sharp increase in the quality of competitive activity related to securing key accounts.

In an industry that is dedicated to serving people, it has become clear that data-driven strategies are imperative to improving operational processes, winning business, and boosting overall profitability.  

But establishing the best process for capturing, analyzing and acting on data is easier said than done. Facilities management is a unique business that requires special attention to the type of information captured, a solid understanding of how it can be leveraged to improve execution in the field, and strategies to use it for world-class decision making back at HQ. 

GoSpotCheck is here to help. 

We designed the GoSpotCheck platform with end-users in mind to work the way you do. Our mobile experience efficiently guides mobile workers through tasks while establishing context and prioritization so you can reach your goals in record time, with consistency. As teams complete work, real-time data flows into reporting dashboards, so you can spot and close execution gaps, or understand which outcomes are at risk.

Here are a few key ways our Facilities Management partners leverage GoSpotCheck’s mobile app and reporting dashboards to improve performance and increase efficiency: 

Using GoSpotCheck’s mobile app, FM teams closely monitor daily checklist completion, conduct workplace experience, area-type, and third-party service audits, track and resolve issues, and collect and share real-time experience data with their clients. Teams rely on GoSpotCheck to drive optimal activity in the field with GPS, time and date-stamped metadata captured the instant a mission begins.

Live photos, available for review in our Photo Album dashboard, help you tell powerful stories in each account, and are easily filtered by client, location, region, and more. Collect and export photos instantly into PDF or PowerPoint, and share with partners to create transparency and demonstrate value. Mobile workers can also work in offline mode without ever losing data; once they’re back on WiFi, data captured automatically uploads to the cloud. Visualize the data collected in intuitive reporting dashboards in our Insights analytics suite, or export it and combine it with other data sets in your own BI platform to create powerful business intelligence for your team and clients.

The flexibility of the GoSpotCheck platform enables teams to build customized workflows that reflect the processes and priorities important to your business. Consider how your team currently records and tracks the following:

As your teams complete tasks and capture information, real-time data flows into the GoSpotCheck Insights reporting suite, allowing you to track performance against current and historical account metrics.

Teams analyze patterns and trends across the most profitable accounts, and tailor operations to maximize profitability based on past wins. This type of analysis improves objectives and ensures the right accounts receive optimal levels of service and attention and contribute to the sustainable growth of your business. Capturing real-time data and visualizing it in a way that helps teams make better decisions, faster, produces a meaningful competitive edge.

GoSpotCheck’s conditional logic, Smart Teams and Place Groups, in-app alerts, and mission availability capabilities mean that mobile workers only receive the tasks and projects that are relevant to them, with the context they need to complete tasks successfully. This means they’re engaged and focused on the top priorities, while you save time directing work efficiently.

Knowledge is power, and our customers use GoSpotCheck to send in-app training and content to level-up execution standards, and easily share documents, URLs, videos, and more with the field. Get new employees onboarded, trained and feeling confident quickly, and boost productivity from day one. Put everything they need on their mobile, at their fingertips, and streamline data collection and reporting. Using the GoSpotCheck platform, mobile workforces are better trained, focused on top tasks, and providing powerful execution signals to help you manage your business in real-time.

Reporting focused on results.

Configure data visualizations for at-a-glance performance signals, or shine a spotlight for more detail. Automate and share reports via email, API, or SFTP file drips with content available in CSV, PDF, PowerPoint, and graphic visualization formats.

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