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Training, Engagement + Corrective Action

Build, train and retain productive teams.

Companies who focus on employee engagement experience 59% less turnover and 21% greater profitability than those who don’t. Training is widely seen as vital to increasing employee engagement, with 68% of today’s workforce wanting more access to learning and development opportunities on the job. Ultimately, well-trained teams provide a better customer experience and outperform competitors by 147%.

The problem.

When employees are not invested in their jobs, it shows—in the bottom-line of the business, and in the quality of the customer experience.

Employees who don’t feel informed, supported, or heard are less productive, show higher levels of absenteeism, and leave their jobs more frequently than those who have access to learning and development opportunities and are engaged in their work.

While companies spend billions of dollars a year hiring and training new employees, the impact a disengaged employee can have on the customer experience is costly in both the short and long term. Historically, customer experience leaders see shallower downturns, rebound more rapidly, and achieve three times the total shareholder returns in the long run compared with the market average, and well-trained team members with clear objectives and systems of measurement are key to their success. [5]

Now more than ever, customers require safe, convenient service, personalization, and transparency from the brands they support. To meet these expectations, frontline team members need tools that help them stay informed, engaged, rewarded, and inspired on the job each day.

Teams with low employee engagement experience 41% more turnover. [4]

tasks completed in GoSpotCheck to date globally.

The solution.

GoSpotCheck helps brands engage, train, incentivize, and guide frontline teams through an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application that makes it easier to get work done efficiently. Distribute training materials, product and program overviews, feedback surveys, and more, and track participation and learning attainment in real-time through GoSpotCheck’s reporting dashboards. Build leaderboards to incentivize engagement and reward top-performing teams or individuals, and celebrate wins.

The impact.

Team members who feel employers are investing in them and listening to their feedback reward companies with higher levels of engagement, quality of work, willingness to take on additional responsibility, and loyalty. For brands with large teams, investing in employee engagement supports long-term growth and scalability.

One inspired team member can produce as much as 2.25 satisfied team members. [6]

How It Works

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This is the way a Millennial expects to learn, and it’s where training in retail is going. We’re seeing that teams retain the information much longer—it’s what they expect, and it’s a better experience for them. We’re also seeing an improvement in morale and retention, and we believe the two are tied to better employee experience.”

Matt McLain
Director of Talent Development, Save A Lot

Our customers are very focused on safety and want to ensure our employees are well-trained in it.  We conduct monthly missions to validate that every AHI team member meets safety standards for PPE, slip-resistant shoes, badges, gloves, and more, and can provide confirmation to our customers on demand. We use this data to make sure we’re fulfilling the SOPs in our contract correctly, keeping team members safe, and retraining where needed.”

Jacob Talley

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