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Connect the frontline to

your bottom line.

Our easy-to-use mobile solution combines task management,
cutting-edge image recognition, photo reporting, field team communications, and advanced reporting to help teams guide and improve performance in real time.

Design + Distribute Work

Create and assign dynamic task lists with a drag-and-drop task engine.

Keep Teams on Track

Guide task completion on mobile with context and prioritization for teams.

Confirm Execution + Gain Insight

Reach conclusions at a glance about the right action to take next with real-time operational reporting.

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See it for yourself.

See how leading teams in Beverage, Retail, and Consumer Goods use GoSpotCheck by FORM to drive sales, excellence, and customer loyalty.

GoSpotCheck is a FORM  Company.

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Put the power in your team’s pocket.

With GoSpotCheck by FORM, your teams can move faster, work smarter, and accomplish more in the field with one easy-to-use app.

Mobile task management paired with image recognition data capture maximizes productivity and gives teams more time to focus on selling and building customer relationships.

Say goodbye to clipboards, spreadsheets, and manual data entry.

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Win the market on mobile.

Boost performance everywhere with real-time reporting
into execution and compliance.

Our computer vision AI detects and analyzes products in minutes, delivering instant insights into position, leading items,
share, out-of-stocks, and compliance.

Use photo reporting to get full visibility into the
market and make moves where it matters.

Yep, it’s that easy.

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And now, a quick word

from our customers.

"GoSpotCheck by FORM's image recognition delivers speed, accuracy, and almost zero manual input. Within minutes, we know our exact percentage of category and exact SKUs of every item in the cooler. From a compliance standpoint, the biggest win is having an electronic way to audit a store."

- National Sales Transformation Director, PepsiCo 

"We’re hitting every single KPI with this platform–sales, margin, shrink, loss prevention, labor, and more. We believe it’s also leading to reduced turnover, greater productivity, better customer service, and generally a better workplace culture.”

- Director of Talent & Engagement, Save-a-Lot

"Before deploying GoSpotCheck by FORM, our teams were spending up to an hour performing reports and manually recording data. The platform has allowed us to focus on what’s important to drive double-digit sales growth across thousands of locations and to greatly save time.”

- Jonathan Neech, GM at Compass Group Australia

ok, give me more details

Mobile Image Recognition AI.

It's as cool as it sounds.

Survey accounts 75% faster with GoSpotCheck by FORM’s mobile AI that detects, recognizes, and analyzes products and prices from photos captured on shelves, displays, menus, back bars, and in coolers.

Get real-time insights into position, price, share, competitors, and out-of-stocks, so you can be smarter in the market and sell more, faster.

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Photo reporting viewed

through a new lens.

Never lose sight of your goals with GoSpotCheck by FORM’s next-gen photo
reporting software. 

Get visual confirmation and insights into execution with real-time photo reporting from your frontline. PhotoWorks automatically filters and sorts your team’s photos of execution in a shareable photo library.

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