Merchandising & Marketing

Merchandising magic for the mobile workforce.

Perfect merchandising & marketing material execution in minutes. Analyze the field and coach your field team in real time to close execution gaps.

Ensure every promo and brand program is dialed. Make nimble adjustments when it counts. Reward optimal action for your business, powered by your mobile workforce.

Improve Merchandising

  • Use live photos to analyze a full-field of displays, instantly
  • Upload display schematics, POGs, training materials, and 1-sheets to ensure consistency
  • Share best merchandising examples across the organization
  • Provide real-time coaching & adjustment
  • Audit missing or damaged materials
  • Audit store footprints, dimensions & fixture types
  • Capture competitive display intel in minutes
  • Establish alerts and email resolution protocol to spot and solve problems quickly

Launch Campaigns

  • Deploy marketing materials efficiently & expertly
  • Ensure seasonal shifts are completed correctly & on time
  • See how materials look in different stores to optimize future campaigns
  • Protect expensive printing & shipping spends & avoid materials being thrown away or left unused

Protect the Brand

  • Ensure brand standards are met at all times
  • Gather customer feedback on messaging
  • Analyze innovation & campaign performance for the C-Suite
  • Increase engagement with front-line field teams from ease of use

Let’s Win

Of GoSpotCheck users surveyed about using our app:

  • Reduced labor costs or saved time
  • Gained a better, faster understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Improved compliance on Service Level Agreements
  • Reduced risk for their business
  • Trained mobile workers on the tool and implemented it in under 30 minutes
  • Improved marketing & promotional execution
  • Saw a measurable sales increase

Ready to reimagine how your mobile workforce works?

Let’s power profitability from the field together.