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Merchandising + Marketing

Make your program recession-proof.

Marketing and merchandising spend is expected to shift, but shouldn’t stop, during COVID-19. A McGraw-HIll Research study found companies that maintained or increased promotional spend during a previous recession had 256% higher sales than those who did not. [1]

The problem.

With billions of dollars spent on merchandising programs each year, the financial loss to brands and retailers from poor execution is staggering. With trade program spend contracting during COVID-19, merchandisers and marketers are making every dollar count and protecting revenue and brand loyalty. Customers are rewarding the brands that are delivering on customer experience in the crisis, which requires frontline insights to spotlight shifts in consumer sentiment and fuel innovation.

Field reps and distribution partners are leading sense-and-respond programs to uncover customer needs and refine messages and offerings in real-time. [2] However, execution continues to be at risk. Pre-pandemic, only 40% of displays were deployed as intended, compared to a perceived compliance rate of 70% at headquarters--leaving a serious gap in what brands planned for customers, vs. what they delivered.

When a fraction of displays or POP materials are executed, it creates a waterfall of short and long-term issues that impact expense and revenue. Merchandising compliance gaps also affect brands’ ability to accurately forecast demand and lead to inventory issues, which is especially challenging given today's supply chain volatility. Poor execution also creates friction in relationships with retailers and increases the labor needed to audit stores, measure compliance, and solve problems.

of trade program materials and displays produced are never executed.

tasks completed in GoSpotCheck to date globally.

The solution.

GoSpotCheck helps field sales, merchandising, marketing, and category management teams assign tasks, receive proof of completion, and analyze performance across locations to improve their position in the market.

Distributed teams use the GoSpotCheck mobile app to improve execution on set schematics and planograms, POP and POS displays, promotional signage, and trade programs, and increase engagement with frontline teams.

The impact.

The formula works--better merchandising and marketing compliance equals more sales.

Plus, well-executed displays invite trial and adoption and improve brand perception. Customers who buy now are ripe for loyalty, and because COVID-19 has opened the floodgates to exploration, teams need good tools to prevent label swaps and category erosion. Ultimately, the benefits of improved display execution, pre and post-pandemic, will compound over time and help great brands win.

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How It Works

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Prior to using GoSpotCheck, our field personnel would do a blitz, record everything on pen and paper, and the results would then be rolled up into an Excel file; we were trying to find visibility into the marketplace, improve display execution, and get clean, actionable data... Using GoSpotCheck data that showed menu location, we were able to see a lift in depletions which translates into more sales. In order to measure a lift as a result of execution on the ground, GoSpotCheck is invaluable.”

“It’s helped our reps be more efficient in-store, and it’s improved our accuracy in identifying out-of-stocks without a doubt. We have been able to close 25% more out-of-stocks with our proprietary algorithm and alert system in GoSpotCheck.”

Austin Scott & Nathan Johnson
Retail Execution Manager & Business Intelligence Direction at Empire Marketing Strategies

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