The restaurant industry is rapidly evolving to meet new expectations for convenience, menu design, order and delivery, rewards, and experience. 

Gen Z represents 25% of total foodservice traffic to restaurants in the US, and 78% of their discretionary spending goes to food, with the majority spent on quick-service restaurants and eateries. And while Gen Z is known to be a digitally native generation, 44% of them are more likely to visit restaurants that offer new or innovative experiences. Gen Z females spend more on alcohol at restaurants than Gen Z males or Millennials, so designing unique environments, menus and promotions that meet and exceed expectations, coupled with impeccable execution, is key. 

But that’s easier said than done. Managing dispersed locations (owned or franchised) in a way that creates authentic, memorable experiences that are consistent across markets, locations and teams takes work, plus solid tools that enable speed and accuracy in operations.

GoSpotCheck is here to help. 

We designed the GoSpotCheck platform with end users in mind to work the way you do. Our mobile experience efficiently guides frontline teams through tasks while establishing context and prioritization so you can reach your goals in record time, with consistency. As teams complete work, real-time data flows into reporting dashboards, so you can spot and close execution gaps, or understand which outcomes are at risk.

Here are a few key ways our restaurant partners leverage GoSpotCheck’s mobile app and reporting dashboards to improve performance and increase efficiency: 

Strengthen Daily Operations

Using GoSpotCheck’s mobile task execution app, restaurant teams guide frontline operators efficiently--saving time, ensuring key tasks are completed to enable optimal service, and improving overall performance across locations.The flexibility of the platform enables leaders to track execution on key SOP’s like opening and closing checklists, line checks, cleaning audits, facility, equipment, and supply audits, spoilage tracking, product recalls, and more, all in one place. Data collected in the field with the mobile app flows in real-time to the desktop reporting dashboards, giving above-restaurant teams visibility into operations, opportunities, risks, and performance. Leaders can segment and view restaurants to drive optimal compliance, and take action on trends and innovation that can improve the bottom line for the business. 

Category leaders use the GoSpotCheck Mission Builder to design and distribute work dynamically, using 11 task types to ensure the right task is assigned to the right person in the right place at the right time. Conditional logic, Smart Teams and Place Groups, in-app alerts, and mission availability capabilities mean that teams only receive the tasks and projects that are relevant to them, which keeps them engaged, reduces time leaders spend directing work, and increases time for coaching and customer service. Conditional count tasks allow leaders to set ideal thresholds for commonly-captured data related to temperature, spoilage and more, eliminating fire drills caused by “fat fingers” and ensuring critical data is logged correctly. Data stored can instantly be compiled in reports to demonstrate compliance for regulatory agencies, saving teams time and eliminating error collating data captured on clipboards with pen and paper.

GoSpotCheck’s mobile frontline technology provides the foundation for operations and ensures teams can perform mission-critical tasks with the context and prioritization they need, on their first day or their 400th. Team members can receive training in-app, while staying on the floor and available for customers. Empowering them with intuitive mobile software that works the way they do improves the guest experience, increases speed of service, supports upsells, and increases trips. Using a digital platform designed for speed and accuracy, restaurants empower the frontline to build personal connections with guests, increase product and brand knowledge through training and education, and implement new and innovative ideas for their location--all of which point towards taking the customer experience to the next level.

Food & Occupational Safety

In the world of food service, there are few things more important than ensuring the health and safety of guests and team members. While it is first and foremost the responsibility of the brand to establish and uphold top safety standards to protect life and health, breakdowns in food safety can also lead to economic and brand equity loss. On average, 10% of a restaurant’s daily guests post about their experience on social media, and businesses see an average of a 9% increase in revenue with each new star earned on Yelp, making it clear that maintaining solid conditions that produce positive reviews will make or break businesses as more Gen Z digital natives enter the marketplace. In short, one food safety mistake can quickly diminish revenue targets for a quarter, a year, or the life of a brand. 

Because of the risks associated with food safety issues, as well as the common challenges of high attrition, increased COGS, and cost to serve, in restaurants, it is critical to develop a digitized food and occupational safety SOP process enabled within a platform that is simple enough for any frontline team member to use on day one, and sophisticated enough to allow above-restaurant teams to drill down into historical and real-time data to mitigate risk for the brand. GoSpotCheck covers both of these needs, with a delightful and intuitive user interface within a mobile app, and a powerful Insights reporting dashboard suite that allows teams to visualize and explore data across the company.

Food Quality & Consistency

At the end of the day, your brand revolves around the quality of your food. Restaurants use GoSpotCheck to improve food quality and consistency by capturing data, photos and feedback, and delivering training, build sheets and new program expectations. Using a digital end-to-end system, R&D and operations teams can ensure menu items are meeting the standard for quality, in every restaurant, every day.

To validate that menu items are meeting preparation, portion, build spec, and visual standard expectations, teams can take live photos of dishes, and answer quiz questions on the process. Results are summarized in GoSpotCheck’s Photo Album and Insights dashboards, where photos can be filtered quickly by program, location, region, leader and more and help leaders understand where follow up is required. Teams can export photos into PDF or PowerPoint, and share images with stakeholders instantly--eliminating inefficiencies caused by text, email, and file storage systems often used to manage photos at enterprise scale.  With powerful photo documentation, brands gain the transparency needed to ensure that the food quality in a brand-owned location in California is consistent with the quality of a franchised location in Florida, and gain a “window into their world,” all from the home office. 

GoSpotCheck can also be deployed to test and measure performance on new menu items. Frontline teams can capture feedback from select locations on build time, flavor, customer sentiment, and more, then easily spot feedback trends prior to all-location rollouts. Having digital tools to efficiently manage the pilot process saves teams time, money and ultimately improves the guest experience.

Reporting, reimagined for results.
Configure data visualizations for at-a-glance performance signals, or shine a spotlight for more detail. Automate and share reports via email, API, or SFTP file drips with content available in CSV, PDF, PowerPoint, and graphic visualization formats.

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