FORM + GoSpotCheck acquires Rodio’s communication and engagement technology for field teams to create even more connection between employees, leaders, and their priorities.

The wait is over! The FORM + GoSpotCheck team is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Rodio, an AI-powered communication and engagement technology designed specifically for field teams. Rodio’s technology will improve the employee experience on the frontline by bringing teammates and leaders even closer to each other—and to their shared priorities.

What is Rodio?

Rodio is a mobile communications platform for organizations with dispersed teams working variable hours that enables companies to deliver prioritized, secure and trackable messaging to their teams on mobile. Founded in 2018, Rodio’s technology integrates seamlessly with a company's existing enterprise HR, Scheduling, Reporting, Information and Learning Management systems. Rodio's simple, user-friendly application aligns with existing organization structures, empowers field leadership, drives employee engagement, and allows frontline teams to focus on improving the end customer experience.

Think of it like Slack—only specially-designed for frontline teams.

“We designed Rodio to perfectly complement field execution with communications,” says Dan Barton, Founder & CEO of Rodio. “Rodio fully automates the administration of organizationally-aligned communications using the data you already have in your HR platform to improve the employee experience in the field.

We’ve taken tools that desk-based workers use to be successful, and adapted them for frontline teams—and that leads to higher competence, reduced turnover, a better customer experience, and ultimately a better culture for the corporation.

We’re thrilled about this acquisition and seeing our original vision come to life, as the FORM + GoSpotCheck team pairs its powerful field execution platform with the communication capabilities field teams crave.”

Connection at our Core

Our teams and customers have been eagerly awaiting an instant messaging and engagement feature within the GoSpotCheck platform—and now it’s here. With Rodio integrated in GoSpotCheck, users will have access to a host of new and powerful capabilities, including in-app messaging, corporate bulletins, bot escalations and automations, and highly-targeted communication channel management by role, topic, and location. For example, imagine a retail store associate encounters a customer question he or she can’t quite answer, but another associate at a different location can. As members of the same channel, these teammates could instantly communicate with each other to source the right answer to the right question—all on the sales floor in real-time. For distributed teams who are often constantly on-the-go and disconnected from base, this is a true game-changer for their working experience in addition to the customer experience in-store.

All of these features, combined with FORM + GoSpotCheck’s industry-leading mobile task management and image recognition technology, help complete our long-awaited product vision to create closer connections between teams, leaders, and their work.

“We’re building a groundbreaking Digital Assistant for the frontline,” says Ali Moosani, CEO. “This acquisition will help our customers stay in close communication with their mobile workforce and spark connection and engagement within their field teams.”  

What's Next

“Acquiring Rodio’s technology is the next step in our vision to unlock the human potential of the mobile workforce, with intuitive technology that helps them do their jobs more easily,” continues Moosani. Current GoSpotCheck customers will soon have the chance to demo Rodio’s new capabilities and adopt it for their instance. In the coming months, Account and Customer Success Managers will reach out to share additional details about the integration and how it can transform mobile field management for good.

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