This week, one of our most innovative customers, Save A Lot, was featured in Forbes discussing their unique use of GoSpotCheck.

We’re thrilled to share the company’s story of achieving increased employee engagement, performance, knowledge retention, and hitting every KPI from sales and labor to loss prevention as a result of our platform. Read on for highlights from the program! 

In the article, How To Turn Fearful Workers Into Cheerleaders For New Technology , Matt McLain, director of talent development, shares the importance of condensing highly-relevant information and delivering training on mobile devices for the company’s multi-generational workforce: 

"Our store teams were largely Millennial, but Gen X and Boomers prevailed in distribution centers, so we tailored our micro-content to different audience types to set them up for maximum success.

“Like almost all retailers, our operating model doesn’t work with a training program that places teams back of house on an aging computer in busy break rooms to slug their way through a 30-minute lesson. Our Gen Y and Z workforce needed knowledge on-demand, in the context of the task at hand.”

Matt also emphasizes the value of video of sharing new technology with Save A Lot employees. “When communicating a new standard operating procedure for Amazon lockers arriving in our stores, we were able to transform an eight-page program guide into a 90-second video, and our teams answered questions faster and retained information better post-launch.” 

Read more about GoSpotCheck's partnership with Save A Lot in our case study featured in HR Technologist in December. 

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