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Task Management, Operations + Audits

Focus teams on the work that matters most.

Align operations and task execution with the true sources of value in your business to increase profitability and competitive advantage.

The problem.

You know the activities that produce the highest impact for your business, but 55% of operators struggle to gain full visibility into what work is getting done, and whether or not it’s creating value.

You can’t be everywhere at once, and rely on your frontline team to know which tasks to complete, how and when to complete them, and what to do if something goes wrong. You also want them to understand why things matter, and how to drive innovation. The inability to organize teams around high-value tasks and confirm completion slows progress, drains resources, and creates risk for the enterprise.

lose productivity to processes that prevent completion of high-value tasks. [1]

tasks completed in GoSpotCheck to date globally.

The solution.

GoSpotCheck’s mobile app helps leaders simplify operations, streamline ways of working, and focus teams on the tasks that make a difference.

Design and distribute work efficiently with a data model that reflects your unique organizational design and program KPIs in software that works the way you do. Define schedules for task completion to ensure things are completed on time. Give teams an intuitive tool that’s easy to use with a consumer-grade interface that makes work more efficient and enjoyable. Create thresholds to identify responses that fall outside acceptable ranges, and identify underperformers and leaders. Alert teams to new assignments on mobile and provide prioritization, context and reference materials to help them do their jobs well, without losing valuable time searching through email, intranet sites, or files. Help teams stay productive and on the floor with customers in offline mode without losing data. Store data at the location level and preserve institutional knowledge, even if there’s turnover. Manage diverse operational processes with one tool and get a comprehensive snapshot of your business health as soon as tasks are completed. Integrate execution data collected with other data sets and systems of record. Share insights across your organization, increase productivity, and improve your customer experience.

The impact.

The top 25% of publicly traded companies on McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index deliver roughly three times the return to shareholders, and achieve tangible performance gains in as little as 6 to 12 months.  Providing pathways for leaders at all levels to define and measure new ways of working while delivering direction, leadership, innovation, learning, coordination, motivation, accountability, and consistency will create material competitive advantage.  

Fuel profitability throughout your business by fine-tuning operations from the frontline, up:

  • Maximize productivity and improve sales per labor hour by helping teams prioritize the right tasks at the right time.
  • Make real-time, data-driven decisions in operations to improve revenue, and reduce expense.
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the business to inform strategy and innovation.

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How It Works

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We’re hitting every single KPI with this platform--sales, margin, shrink, loss prevention, labor and more. We believe it’s also leading to reduced turnover, greater productivity, better customer service, and generally a better workplace culture.”

John Scheid
Director of Talent Development, Save A Lot

Before deploying GoSpotCheck, our operators were spending up to an hour performing maintenance reports and manually recording data. The platform has allowed us to focus on what’s important to drive double-digit sales growth across thousands of locations and to greatly save time. It also encourages entrepreneurship.”

Jonathan Neech
GM, Compass Group Australia

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