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Facility, Equipment + Asset Management

Protect your investments and avoid surprises.

Globally, corporate CapEx investments increased 3.2% year-over-year in 2019. Using GoSpotCheck, teams can increase the accuracy of predictive maintenance forecasts, efficiently audit equipment, strategically plan investments, and protect the life of their assets.

The problem.

When it comes to facility and equipment management, companies need to manage diverse checklists for cleanliness, safety, R&M, third-party vendor compliance, CapEx requests, and more. Operators know that well-maintained equipment impacts the P&L, improves financial predictability, and creates the foundation for better service. Equipment outages and replacements bring unwelcome surprises and expense, but can be avoided with a strong preventative maintenance program and mobile solutions that support it.

Companies save 12-18% using preventive maintenance measures over reactive maintenance. [1]

tasks completed in GoSpotCheck to date globally.

The solution.

GoSpotCheck’s mobile app and reporting dashboards help teams efficiently track facility and CapEx asset conditions and understand what’s needed to keep things running smoothly with easy-to-understand, rolled up reports and configurable resolution paths.

As teams capture R&M and CapEx requests, audit the condition and cleanliness of facilities and equipment, and ensure occupational safety SOPs are met on mobile, they can better protect the customer experience and reduce risk for the business.

The flexibility of the GoSpotCheck platform also means teams can use it for other processes without having to buy another app. That includes employee temperature tracking, training, and vendor oversight.

The impact.

Digitizing audits for facility, equipment and Capex assets helps leaders proactively manage equipment conditions, keep operations running smoothly, and avoid downtime and unnecessary surprises in expense. Capturing asset data in a structured way also helps teams have data-driven conversations with vendors to improve service levels, streamline warranty claims, and improve asset replacement forecasting. The cost savings produced by better asset performance can be reinvested into innovations, fixtures, and programs that enhance the customer experience.

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