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Facility, Equipment + Asset Management

Protect your investments.

Protect the life of your capital expenditures and facilities.

Capture R&M requests. Inspect cleaning logs. Collect requests and dimensions for new equipment purchases. Measure spaces for remodels and demos.

Document occupational safety protocols. Monitor facility cleanliness & safety. Document incident reports. Maintain conditions across locations. Reward optimal action for your business, powered by your mobile workforce.

Audit Facilities

  • Audit equipment cleaning & maintenance protocol
  • Audit vendor performance & ensure SLAs are met
  • Audit conditions & cleanliness
  • Document equipment R&M
  • Upload training materials
  • Establish alerts and email resolution protocol to spot and solve problems quickly

Audit CapEx Assets

  • Capture CapEx requests uniformly
  • Reduce risk & unforecasted expenses through preventative maintenance
  • Evaluate equipment condition & depreciation schedules
  • Document asset transfers & installs

Improve Safety

  • Ensure occupational safety SOPs are met
  • Confirm sweep logs
  • Verify HACCP plans
  • Inspect parking lots & easements
  • Increase engagement with front-line field teams from ease of use

Let’s Win

Of GoSpotCheck users surveyed about using our app:

  • Reduced labor costs or saved time
  • Gained a better, faster understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Improved compliance on Service Level Agreements
  • Reduced risk for their business
  • Trained mobile workers on the tool and implemented it in under 30 minutes
  • Improved marketing & promotional execution
  • Saw a measurable sales increase

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