Case & Point: Trade Promotion Management

Oct 30, 2012 in Retail

At GoSpotCheck, we are frequently asked, “How would I use your product for X?” Today, we give a short example of how to use GoSpotCheck for trade promotion management (TPM).

One of our best customers, UrgentRx, routinely runs in-store advertising promotions and relies on the execution of these promotions to drive sales (shopping cart ads and floor decals):

Prior to GoSpotCheck, UrgentRx would use internal and external representatives to take pictures of these promotions and send them back to the company, essentially verifying correct or incorrect promotional placement. Sifting through massive amounts of email and photos became impossible as the company quickly expanded.

UrgentRX began using GoSpotCheck to collect, structure, and share this retail intelligence.  Armed with analysis and insights, CEO Jordan Eisenburg was able to approach his ad vendor and show that the ads were not in place about 50% of the time. He was credited with an additional 5 million impressions for the campaign!

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