In today’s highly competitive, fast-moving consumer goods industry... is absolutely essential that company leaders have direct insight into the retail locations that carry their products. Ensuring proper retail execution of marketing strategies and merchandising tactics is a crucial step in rising above the competition. The right mobile data collection application can help you do just that, virtually placing you in the store with your field reps and enabling you to manage retailer compliance with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

In many ways, managing retailer compliance is all about staying on top of the key metrics such as promotional signage, planogram protocol, product displays, inventory levels and pricing. Those marketing strategies and merchandising tactics are what drive revenue, and it is vital to confirm that your retail partners are executing them properly and consistently.

When it comes to displays, brands want optimal and consistent product placement. A well-designed mobile data collection platform, that emphasizes real-time photos and information, enables field teams to observe and confirm proper placement across time. The right mobile data collection platform does this by ensuring data accuracy, while simplifying report sharing and the analysis process so that retailer compliance mishaps can be spotted and remedied immediately.

And it is just as important that your field team follows up on those metrics over time to generate a clear understanding of the overall health of a given account. In other words, best practices dictate that maintenance is critical, not simply resolving mishaps and putting out fires as they arise. The right mobile data collection tool equips you with insight-rich power, arming you with reliable store-level data over time that can be rolled up into a detailed high-level view of an account.

When field teams are empowered with GoSpotCheck’s elegantly designed mobile data collection application, findings from reps in the retail terrain are easily transmitted to key decision makers in real time. The process of managing and maintaining retailer compliance becomes streamlined and, most importantly, gives you that competitive edge to rise to the top of your category

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