In 2014, a robust proliferation of brands and organizations anchored their strategies in efficient data collection and analysis to rise above the competition.

This year, we will undergo even greater advancements, encouraging this movement to flourish at untold levels. So without further ado, we present our data collection predictions for 2015.

Enterprise mobile use will increase. We can’t emphasize enough that the right mobile data collection platform is easy to implement, prioritizes smart design, empowers users and is highly flexible. Advanced enterprise technology drives greater results and productivity from company workforces. A leading tech trend in 2015 will be an increase in companies benefiting from a rise in enterprise mobile adoption and use. Andreessen Horowitz’s Steven Sinofsky highlights the upcoming groundswell over at Re/code, where he writes: “Work will happen first on mobile platforms, for both team agility and organizational security.”

Big data only gets bigger, and companies will leverage it more intelligently. This past year on the GoSpotCheck blog, we looked at a great range of industries in which the leading organizations are leveraging real-time data collection to improve decision-making and beat out the competition. We’ve seen this become the gold standard everywhere from television programming to political campaigningto personal fitness and beyond—and in 2015 we will see more companies from an ever-deeper cross-section of industries harnessing the transformative power of efficient data collection and analysis. Indeed, as Saar Bitner points out at KDnuggets, “[T]he business world is only beginning to harness the power of external data sources and learning how to gain actionable insights from them.” Having reams and reams of data is one thing; what truly counts is the intelligent organization and analysis of that data.

Brick and mortar retailers will grow more integrated with advanced technologies. Cloud based point-of-sale systems, consumer-wearable technology, virtual fitting rooms and augmented in-store reality are all components of the retail industry’s future. Shoppers will experience the thrill and convenience of this new tech-boosted paradigm in 2015. As Hilmi Ozguc, CEO of Swirl Networks, writes in the Retail TouchPoints 2015 Technology Preview, “[W]ith capabilities that are now available, retailers can create their own private in-store digital ad exchanges, inviting brand partners to interact with shoppers at specific locations within their stores.” Throughout 2015, shoppers will enjoy an in-store mobile experience defined by interactivity and personalized, targeted promotions—just as brands will enjoy a rise in the concomitant data-rich insights enabled by these technologies.

All of us at GoSpotCheck are excited to advance our customers’ success through smart mobile data collection in the coming year.

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