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Implementing a sophisticated mobile data collection application can significantly boost the productivity of an organization’s operations in myriad ways.

For one, mobile data collection is driving significant value in the way of quality assurance improvement. Retail chains, restaurants, and food and beverage companies depend on field representatives from quality assurance departments to conduct thousands of safety audits annually to assess product quality, and a mobile data collection platform is crucial to supporting and enhancing these efforts.

For one, a well-designed mobile data collection application saves field representatives an abundance of time. Quality assurance tasks take much longer to accomplish when field reps use spreadsheets, clipboards and other manual methods of data collection, which in fact are less reliable and prone to data entry error. Armed with a mobile data collection platform that emphasizes flexible reporting and is accessible from smartphones and tablets, representatives can focus on the essential work of completing product quality assurance audits—instead of fumbling with a cumbersome laptop or legal pad of scattered notes.

Furthermore, a smart mobile data collection platform enables the comprehensive documentation of information in real-time. And this can prove essential in protecting a company’s reputation in the event of an emergency, like a product recall. The optimal mobile data collection platform allows organizations to appropriately respond to quality-related threats immediately, minimizing the effect on both the company and the consumer.

Of course, companies far and wide are focused on quality assurance. There are many industry-specific product regulations to ensure adherence to requirements, like health and safety standards, and companies are also focused on their own internal quality assurance metrics as well. Take the beverage industry for example: Food Quality News reports that the “Waters Corporation has launched a data management system to boost productivity, workflow and compliance with regulations for laboratories.” This data-driven management system helps beverage companies create the in-depth records necessary that are increasingly required by regulators, and a system like this also establishes a valuable repository of data that increases corporate efficiency.

At GoSpotCheck, we equip businesses with an application that streamlines operational processes, improving quality assurance checks and data collection. Quality assurance is a top priority for industry leaders, and GoSpotCheck is here to optimize those efforts, which in turn powerfully improves overall company performance and relationships with retailers and consumers alike.

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