Human beings are continually updating the ways in which they communicate...

...and using mobile devices to enhance retail execution is one of the most effective and powerful means to do so within an enterprise today. From petroglyphs carved into desert stone to the invention of paper and the telephone and now cloud storage; the way we exchange information is constantly evolving. Organizations have the ability to create and share information in myriad ways that improve connectivity, event management, and productivity. Here are four ways that technology helps us build better relationships:

1. It frees time and clears schedules to focus on actual relationships.

This is the most obvious benefit of technological advancement. We are constantly creating new ways to automate tedious tasks and save our energy and time for more important responsibilities. Technology has streamlined processes, thereby opening up the schedules of field team representatives so they can gather more data, closely investigate the competition and build valuable relationships with retail partners.

2. Technology allows us to use different mediums.

Gone are the days of billboards, clipboards and flyers. Through customer interaction on social media, it’s possible to build and grow more personal relationships. Platforms like video sharing provide the opportunity to be less business focused and to connect on a deeper level with the individual. The collected data from various mediums can be combined to understand customer likes, dislikes and preferences, which in turn can help anticipate consumer needs and build lasting and fruitful connections.

3. The safe, secure storage of information is implicit to a good relationship.

Creating a central repository for customer information is a vital use of technology. In real time, mobile data can be collected, uploaded and stored in a cloud—virtually untouchable—where it then becomes available to all team members. Having a protected data source is invaluable for field team management because it increases the level of accountability and improves the exchange of reliable information. The assurance of sharing secure information increases the possibility of furthering relationships founded in mutual trust.

4. When we better understand our customer needs, we build better relationships.

Understanding customer needs is paramount to creating valuable products, services and solutions. By quickly and effectively measuring inventory, and which stock needs replacing, more time can be allotted to effectively deliver what—and more of what—people really want. By using those same metrics, brands learn more about consumer behavior and backgrounds, which strengthens the relationships between customers and businesses. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what good communication is all about?

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