An elegant, streamlined mobile data collection tool for retail execution simplifies field operations and boosts analytical productivity.

It results in better decisions and insights into merchandising strategy effectiveness and beyond. And one crucial aspect of any real-time data collection application is GPS-enabled functionality so that users can easily organize data by location. The demand for location-specific data at one’s fingertips is growing, and at GoSpotCheck, we see the powers of GPS in mobile technology improve performance across a vast range of projects and pursuits every day.

GoSpotCheck customers collect data across far-reaching territories. With a GPS-enabled program that automatically logs an exact location with every data entry, field representatives have one less input to remember. And on a more granular level, they can drill down in store—taking photographs of displays and logging important information about the retail environment and competitive products. When you’re talking about a manufacturer with brand presence in millions of retailers, tagging intelligence data with location can be a key lever that allows upper management to draw insights.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how GPS fueled mobile technology is helping others.

One big industry, farming, is currently being revolutionized by the power of GPS-enhanced mobile data collection technology. And the revolution is nothing short of global in scale. The UN reports that farmers in rural areas throughout Africa are employing GPS monitoring tools to supervise livestock and contain disease outbreaks. What’s more, these farmers are taking advantage of a GPS-equipped mobile app created by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization that relays a full range of animal health related alerts. Knowledge is power, and here we see GPS playing a major role in unlocking the full, truly life-changing value of location-based data for these farmers—enabling them to raise healthier, stronger livestock and garner higher profits.

Another sphere of activity that has been radically and unequivocally improved by the power of GPS in mobile technology is personal navigation. There is a multitude of mapping applications that leverage GPS to direct users where they need to go—from Google Maps to the traffic beating, community data-driven Waze. Such mobile apps have buried the days of pulling an atlas out on the side of the road into the deepest depths of the past, empowering travelers to get where they need to go with more speed and savvy than ever before. And with Glympse, there is now a GPS-based mobile app that enables users to send a real-time map with location-based particulars to friends, colleagues and customers—highlighting the unprecedented capability of GPS in mobile technology to maximize clarity, increase efficiencies, and share data with others.

Everywhere from farming to navigation to personal health and fitness and beyond, GPS-equipped mobile applications expand user knowledge and engender optimal decision-making. Here at GoSpotCheck, our GPS locations-based philosophy forms a core component of our mission to deliver the ultimate real-time retail data collection application. It is crucial that field representatives connect retail intelligence to the correct location. That is why we place such an emphasis on GPS—It drives high-precision representations of store-level performance, and best of all, it illuminates the full cutting-edge meaning of your retail data.

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