This week I wanted to share some of the ways businesses are using GoSpotCheck and subsequently improving their operational processes.

Below are a few of these compelling reasons to try it for your company (in no particular order of importance).

  1. Safety Audits
    Restaurant and retail chains rely on quality assurance departments to regulate their products, and in doing so thousands of safety audits are completed annually to measure product quality (from parts to produce). According to Dennis Hecker, Wendy’s Senior Vice President, Quality Assurance, big restaurants are beginning to take the implementation of these audits really seriously. Not only can GoSpotCheck save time for field reps completing these audits (because they don’t need to mess around with a clipboard or clunky laptop anymore), but enabling the documentation of important information can CYA if anything goes wrong. This information is real-time, ensures accountability, and is fool proof.
  2. New Product Launch or Menu Item Execution
    Every time a new menu item is launched for a restaurant chain, it’s imperative that there’s consistency across every location so that a new sandwich that’s launched in NYC tastes and looks the same as the same sandwich at the same restaurant in California. It’s equally important that a new packaged good that’s launched at Safeway has good product placement at all Safeway locations. No matter the type of business, it’s consistency across locations that matters. As described aptly in a good white paper produced by Oliver Wyman, “Store-level operations are the forgotten cousin of retailing.” Retailers are beginning to realize they can use tools like GoSpotCheck to stay on top of store level operations because mobile has given them the platform. By focusing on measuring and improving these operations, our product has decreased cycle time on product launches and effectively helped improve the customer experience associated with them for multiple clients.
  3. Marketing Promotion Compliance
    When a brand pays thousands, even millions of dollars, to launch a new marketing campaign, the people in the marketing department want to be able to measure its success. This can be very hard when no one actually knows if the people in charge of executing the campaign are following through. According to the VP Marketing for Pretzel Crisps, Perry Abbenante, a key to successful in-store promotions is trade commitment, and getting the maximum number of shoppers near your brand. You can only do this if your promotion has been executed! By using GoSpotCheck you can ensure this execution by leveraging your network to report back in real-time on the status of these initiatives. Get those consumers to notice your product before they notice someone else’s.

These are just a few of the ways businesses are using GoSpotCheck to improve their operations, feel free to email us at to learn more!

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