It’s almost impossible to remember how we ever completed ANYTHING without modern technology.

It is hard to remember not having (or needing) a cell phone and even harder to remember how we found answers before Google. Somehow, we still accomplished things… I just have trouble remembering how.  Then again, there are things I tolerate today which I’m sure a future generations won’t understand.

The next generation can’t imagine a world without computers, smartphones, tablets and smart devices.They can’t understand not having things on demand.  They certainly can’t imagine typing or texting as slowly as I do. Interactive experiences and technological advancements have provided for an entirely new pace of living and comprehension. You can video chat in real time or attend an event around the world.  Radio, television, vinyl, cassettes, VHS, CD’s, and DVD’s were all, at one point or another, cutting edge technology. We are moving quickly into a world where communication is getting quicker and, as a result, decisions and innovation come about faster.

So, as the world adopts technology for business and said technology matures, one can only imagine what we will be saying five years from now! Like, “I can’t believe someone used to do that manually!” or (hopefully), “Why did people have paper printers?”

We think about this a lot as we develop our product at GoSpotCheck.  It reminds me of this College Humor video I saw a few years back. The video is the pilot for the hit TV show 24, but as if it had taken place in 1994 (pre-mobile phones, high speed internet, etc). It’s a pretty hilarious video, but also makes you wonder how any enterprise functioned without these things! We’re excited about the future, and about being a part of the next step of technological development for our enterprise clients.  Bridging the gap between consumer technology and enterprise technology is important to us.

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