When consumer goods companies arm field teams with an efficient retail data collection application...

...representatives become highly driven and dynamic front-line contributors. They transform from more passive and reactive observers in the field to proactive and insightful strategists—able to drive significant value for their organizations.

Here are three key ways that management teams can nurture a take-charge field team.

  1. Create order. Without mobile data collection, field teams resort to improvisation, collecting intelligence unmethodically at best. With mobile data collection, management teams endow reps with the gift of clarity. With GPS-enabled survey functions and unambiguous data capture requests, GoSpotCheck makes it clear what reps need to do when they visit accounts. This understanding unlocks the powerful, value-generating ability to gather more and more intelligence over time—instead of wastefully re-inventing the wheel, missing important data or capturing information that isn’t vital.
  1. Motivate reps to be decision makers with rich, structured data. With clear and enlightening data sets on hand, reps can easily adopt the role of brand ambassador. Furthermore, with powerful real-time data reports, field teams will be compelled to work directly with retail partners to work out planogram kinks, activate SKUs and implement a sweep of positive changes. They can measure performance across locations, for instance, and prompt retail partners to adopt the best practices of leading performers. With real-time data collection, managers reshape reps into leaders who can immediately identify and solve problems like never before.
  1. Embolden reps to seize new retail data collection opportunities. GoSpotCheck’s mobile enterprise solution emphasizes flexibility—replete with customized data field inputs and special media-rich features. This grants reps the unprecedented capacity to quantify brand presence and value at special events like new store launches, pop-ups, and so much more. With reps who can identity new retail data collection opportunities, management effectively sustains proactive intelligence gatherers for the long term, and this carries tremendous meaning for a company’s overall success.

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