The demand for sustainability as a component of businesses practices is not going away anytime soon.

According to Nielsen, three out of four millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable offerings, and 72% of Generation Z is ready to do the same. A Unilever study showed that 33% of consumers choose brands based on their social and environmental impact. This study also revealed that one in five people surveyed would favor brands whose sustainability credentials are clear on their packaging and marketing.

As time goes on, these demands are likely to increase. Capitalizing on this market depends not only on sustainable operations but on good marketing. Here are five examples of brands that win over customers with their sustainability efforts:

TerraCycle: Creating a Social Media Community

Green-inspired retail and manufacturing company TerraCycle has revolutionized the sustainability social media marketing game. The company collects waste to recycle and reuse to create green products. They have amassed over 95,000 likes on Facebook by turning the platform into a page that provides environmental facts, green DIY ideas, and giveaways.

Ted’s Montana Grill: Bonneville Environmental Foundation Partnership

In 2013, Ted’s Montana Grill became the first restaurant to balance its water footprint throughinvestment in Water Restoration Certificates. They promised to return five million gallons of water to the Colorado River Basin through their partnership with Bonneville. Marketing this partnership reveals Ted’s dedication to sustainability and lets customers know they are making a great decision by eating there.

Bacardi Limited: “Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future”

Alcoholic beverage company Bacardi Limited begin a sustainability initiative in 2017 to meet environmental goals regarding sourcing, packaging, and operations by 2022. To bring the message home, Bacardi Limited filmed an engaging promotional video that showed their global progress to reduce their carbon footprint.

Coca-Cola: Live Positively Campaign

Coca-Cola has pursued other environmental initiatives (typically involving water), but the company recently decided to create a campaign around the composition of their bottles. Coca-Cola created a branded site for their PlantBottle, a container made from 30 percent material gathered from the waste products of sugarcane. Like Bacardi, the company created a video — albeit more emotionally charged and inspiring — that focused on a child talking about his mother’s involvement in creating the PlantBottle.

Jamie Oliver: Food Sustainability Education

Jamie Oliver is a well-known chef and television personality. The mission of his brand has been to educate Americans on how to practice healthy, sustainable eating. He is best known for visiting schools across the country to help school lunch personnel produce healthier meals for children. Hiswebsite not only includes recipes and helpful cooking tips, but it also serves as an educational resource that discusses why healthy eating and quality ingredients are essential for children and adults alike.

These companies started with a bright idea on how to be more sustainable, but they also realized that in order to connect with consumers, they had to have a great marketing plan. Companies who hope to replicate their success must create consistent messaging that reflects their commitment to sustainability. Thankfully, GoSpotCheck’s software already includes features to help businesses more effectively promote their sustainability efforts and track the surrounding marketing.

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