Within the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, real-time intelligence is fundamental...

...to maintaining quality, consistency, operational efficiency and addressing problems. For QSRs with numerous locations, sharing information quickly and clearly across company departments is critical.

At GoSpotCheck, we continuously improve our software to align with the customer’s changing needs and evolving markets. Each month, to facilitate product development, employees test the GoSpotCheck app outside of the office. In completing these missions, GoSpotCheck employees have greater insight into what it takes to be a successful field rep; these reps are more discerning than the average consumer or secret shopper and we design our software to account for those demands.

GoSpotCheck’s experience within the QSR industry prompted us to create a test mission involving one of our favorite Colorado-based restaurants: Chipotle.

GoSpotCheck’s involvement with large brands in the QSR vertical has proven the importance of uniformity within a brand, especially across multiple locations. At Chipotle, in order to examine brand consistency, we gathered hundreds of data points surrounding marketing messaging, service and the customer experience.

Chipotle mission on the GoSpotCheck mobile data collection app

The mission results showed that Chipotle employees were very informative and friendly, and server greetings were warm, knowledgeable and welcoming. The majority of GoSpotCheck employees asked for to-go orders, but those who dined in were satisfied—citing cleanliness as a primary reason for their positive experience.

Happy GoSpotCheck team members with their Chipotle orders!

All of the Chipotle establishments that team members visited had signage related to Chipotle’s recent GMO campaign and restaurant employees were knowledgeable about the company's recently announced GMO-free policy.

Chipotle test-mission data in the GoSpotCheck dashboard

As a whole, the employees at GoSpotCheck love to eat at Chipotle (according to our data, GoSpotCheck-ers like burrito bowls the most). However, more impressive than Chipotle’s food is the restaurant’s brand uniformity and consistent delivery of a quality product—this feat is especially difficult for large QSRs with establishments worldwide. Real-time data collection is vital to ensuring consistency across all locations. The world-class customer experience that is expected—and delivered—at Chipotle establishments, continues to be a hallmark of the brand’s and the industry’s success.

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