It’s quiet in the old town, tumbleweed rolls by and the sound of the howling wind and creaking doors of the saloon create an eerie setting.

Tensions are always on high, everyone has their own gun, and shootouts are a common occurrence. Renegade outlaws ride in and out of towns causing all kinds of trouble; massive gun fights break out everywhere; sometimes over money, and sometimes just about pride or ego. Although there are technically people in charge, people who supposedly bring order, everyone is really out for themselves. The sense of community is lost, and therefore so is the chain of command.

Some fear this description embodies BYOD, but we at GoSpotCheck, even on the outskirts of the mountains in Colorado, know that BYOD is far from the “Wild West.” According to recent statistics, there are more iPhones sold both on a daily and per second basis than there are babies being born in the world.

People already have their own devices, so the key is the way in which companies promote and leverage their use. Company culture can guide the direction that employees utilize their own devices in order to improve the workflow and communication process. If you create a system, like let’s say “an app” (Hint: Wink) for every employee to conduct uniform and accountable tasks, then the notions of renegade reporting, piecemeal data, and accountability are no longer issues.

That is why we have come to understand more and more about how to streamline the use of technology to enhance how companies manage their current assets and workflow.

We believe it’s best to not let your BYOD get OOC, and here is how:

1) Drive top down initiatives: We’ve seen that when employees are charged with the task of embracing a new system, technology, and workflow, the best scenario is one in which the early adopters are engaged.  Early adopters provide the most valuable insight and help to create useful scenarios and applications for their colleagues. The employees who contribute to the culture, the ethos, and the process itself, are the ones who can help create the best on-boarding experience. Once that core group has worked hands-on to insure usability and practicality, then you can effectively get the rest of the teams up and running. Culture is often difficult to change from within, but as an initiative, it becomes integral, important and exciting!

2) Improve and increase employee engagement: Employees communicate in their everyday lives with their devices and it is part of their culture to do so. With the use of their own device, they can easily and effectively create more of an open dialogue with their teams and companies. We hear too often about communication breakdowns, but everyone is comfortable on their own device, which naturally makes the transfer of information and ideas easy and readily available. Open the lines of communication and streamline messaging to and from every employee. This leads to and is tied directly to…

3) Plan for uniform communication and reporting: If all of your data comes in validated with the same parameters, the same compliance, and the same presentation, then the task of correlating reports and information becomes just about the analytics! Don’t waste time getting to the decision making process, enable a faster and more accurate response. Which also leads to….

4) Empower real time decision making: With the power of mobile, and your employee network, you have the ability to make decisions as things are happening. In REAL TIME. You know about your business and market better than anyone, and as hurdles arise why wait to correct a problem in the field? If you are connected directly to the field, and vice versa, you can update what is happening while it is happening. This is efficiency, accuracy, security and productivity!

At GoSpotCheck we are dedicated to the power of mobile, the increasing power of communication and the ways in which larger organizations can adapt internally. That being said, don’t let your BYOD get OOC! Keep a lasso on your process, your message, your culture, your teams, and enhance the work experience for everyone. Embracing BYOD will make you smarter, faster, leaner and ahead of the curve.

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