To BYOD or to not BYOD?… actually, that is NOT the question.

Everyday, we read increasingly argumentative articles about whether or not bring your own device (BYOD) policies will eventually be embraced or killed off by skeptical and cautious IT departments.  The risks behind employee owned devices and loose data are very real, but also very manageable.  In fact, solutions already exist.  These include things like network access control, mobile device management, and virtual private networks, all viable as potential hybrid solutions between true BYOD and enterprise controlled devices.

As an IT manager, regardless of whether you think BYOD represents the future of IT or a dying fad, certain facts still remain:

1) Consumers are used to simple, well designed software and no longer tolerate clunky technology.


2) Your employees and the aforementioned consumers are ONE IN THE SAME.

Adopting BYOD is not as important as enabling your employees with simple, useful, intuitive software, the so-called consumerization of information technology.  Regardless of the device they use, the goal of any mobile initiative should be enhanced employee productivity and satisfaction.

The correct question would be something along the lines of… to innovate or not to innovate?  And the answer to that question is much more clear cut.

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