Flexibility, security, and optimized retail execution are all hallmarks of GoSpotCheck’s retail data collection software.

The world of cloud retail data, combined with real-time data collection software, forms a mighty backbone for successful retail enterprise strategy. Let’s take a closer look at the latest developments.

Data security in the cloud is growing increasingly robust. When it comes to retail merchandising systems that store retail data in the cloud, maintaining the security of that valuable actionable data is an absolute must. And with more and more retail enterprises migrating their data to the cloud (a recent Vorometric survey reports that over half of companies worldwide have adopted the cloud to store sensitive data), it is reassuring and also imperative that cloud data security continues to grow stronger. Recent steps by tech giants Google, Amazon, and Microsoft indicate that cloud data security standards are expanding, with all three bolstering their cloud services with server-side encryption capabilities. Furthermore, the development of CSA STAR—a new international cloud security certification program—signals that data security in the cloud is here to stay, and this is excellent news for retail enterprises across the board.

Cloud computing enables companies to enjoy unprecedented flexibility. In this age of information ubiquity where retail companies must adapt and make adjustments more rapidly than ever, agility is key. Equipping field representatives with a highly-efficient mobile data collection app enables this flexibility, and cloud services form a key level of fortification on the road to agility. As Information Week reports, “Companies that require fast, reliable updates to retail, financial services, healthcare, or trading applications, for example, will want to do them in the cloud. That way, they’re more likely to get to automated code deployment, managed code updates, application performance management, and automated analysis of lingering code issues.” The right mobile enterprise application platform coupled with secure cloud computing is a recipe for optimal agility—and ultimately, success.

The cloud is becoming an integral component of retail business strategy. The recent news that fashion retailer Paul Smith adopted cloud-based retail software is the latest instance of a company harnessing the power of big data and the cloud to save costs, boost flexibility, and meet customer demands. One major benefit for the retailer is that cloud software enables mobility in customer relationship management. With mobile point-of-sale technology that can seamlessly take customers to Paul Smith’s web store, brick and mortar and online retailing are intelligently integrated, driving sales and creating a valuable database of customer information. Here, we see an exciting instance of the cloud and mobile enterprise solutions joining forces to optimize retail execution like never before.

Clearly, these are exciting times to reap the benefits of the cloud. A secure system that, in concert with retail data collection, advances agility in the age of information ubiquity is truly a win-win for retail enterprises everywhere!

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