Bottled water is available in almost every brick-and-mortar store – regardless of industry.

With hundreds of brands and millions spent on advertising, bottled water is one of the world’s largest commodities. In order to be a front-runner among endless competition, real-time data collection is crucial.

To ensure our software keeps up with changing markets, GoSpotCheck employees test the app each month outside the office. During the month of June, we spot-checked bottled water by sending employees out into the field armed with the GoSpotCheck app. Our internal ‘Mission’ examined the packaging, merchandising, and displays within a variety of locations. GoSpotCheck team members visited grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores to observe available brands, the layout of shelf sets, and sales collateral, among other retail touch points.

Water mission on the GoSpotCheck mobile retail execution app.

By using pictures, geo-tagging and task response capabilities, we collected hundreds of data points which provided a deeper look into brick-and-mortar retail execution.

Collected water Mission data in the GoSpotCheck field management dashboard.

Retail mobile data collection tools are necessary for brands and retailers alike to adapt with the continually-changing marketplace. GoSpotCheck software is designed to increase productivity and efficiency, while providing instant insight into the field.

The importance of water within every environment is undeniable. Bottled water – marketed with that basic premise – remains a prevalent item within stores worldwide. As such, making the steps to correctly execute retail strategy is paramount to any brand’s success.

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