An Overlooked Part of Outdoor Industry Retail? Data.

Nov 24, 2015 in Mobile, Retail

The outdoor industry is one of the largest sectors of the retail world, at large. GoSpotCheck works with many industry leaders – including Gerber Gear and Icebreaker – to optimize in-store strategy by collecting real-time data.

The right software gives independent reps the tools to examine brand management strategy and ensure that crucial field data is collected. Planograms, displays and visual merchandising are three components of retail that are vital to the outdoor industry. Similarly, initiatives directly involving sales reps and brand ambassadors need to be monitored and examined, to ensure optimal results. The following aspects of outdoor industry retail can be enhanced with mobile data collection.

  • Vendor contracts: Many vendor contracts allow independent reps to put products on sale, given a certain time window. The goal of vender contracts is often to maintain brand consistency – through pricing and related marketing efforts. As such, vendor contracts can be extremely comprehensive, and SaaS tools ensure retailers follow the outlined regulations.
  • Demos: Field reps often perform demos and need to gather real-time information surrounding the success of the event. Data points regarding sales, reviews and marketing can be extremely helpful for brands spending time and money for demos and sampling.
  • Seasonal promotions: Seasonal merchandising, especially relevant with the holidays approaching, needs to be optimized. The last two months of the year offer an extremely small time window with tremendous opportunity.
  • Monitoring competition: SaaS tools should help gather insight surrounding internal data as well as competitive intel. Track competition to better understand the market and related customer needs and demands.

GoSpotCheck will be attending the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in January of 2016. We’re excited to see everyone!