In recent years, the term ‘big data’ has become all the rage for retail brands.

With recent advancements in retail technology, we have more data than ever at our finger tips.  We can use this data to better analyze every marketing and operational move we make, which is reason for excitement.  But to stop at data… or even information (structured data)… is a big mistake.

These technologies have the ability to turn data into knowledge and, eventually, wisdom.

Call it wisdom or call it insights, the goal of collecting data on your retail execution is to turn it into something much more valuable and actionable.  For instance, at GoSpotCheck we provide mobile technology to capture data in the most simple, beautiful format possible.  We also structure that data, providing the ability to easily turn data into information.

But we don’t stop there… We’re creating ways to move from sifting through data to creating actionable insights.  Why spend hours analyzing custom reports when your system can immediately notify you of a problem?

Enter GoSpotCheck’s smart flagging mechanism.  

Our smart flags notify you of data that is outside of the average response (i.e. the outliers).  We’re transferring time spent sifting and analyzing data into time spent learning and correcting retail execution.  Instead of working for your technology, make your technology work for you!

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