In the same way that mobile data collection software can instantly aggregate and visualize data for optimized retail execution...

...there is a wide range of mobile data collection tools designed specifically for individuals seeking to organize and improve their personal lives—at home, at work, and beyond. Let’s take a look.

Before we jump in to the nitty-gritty of managing your personal life with data collection, let’s take a look at your happiness. Yes, that’s right—Some mobile data collection tools are zeroing in on your mood. Are you generally a happy person? Do you experience more stress during the day than you did last year? There are a number of applications out there that propose to simplify the process of quantifying personal mood, including TrackYourHappiness, AskMeEvery, and MercuryApp. By measuring, tracking, and visualizing emotions, these applications purport to improve self-awareness and personal decision-making.

The realm of personal workflow and time management is also experiencing an evolution with the support of mobile data collection. RescueTime is one such tool that provides users with a streamlined perspective on this front. Individuals can track time spent on email, in meetings and browsing the web. They can set up customized alerts, reminders and reports to improve productivity and analyze what they do with their time across an average day. And for individuals looking to quantify their lives to an even greater level of detail, Daytum’s personal data collection software enables users to track, visualize, and have fun with all manner of data—from coffee beverages consumed to celebrities spotted.

When it comes to the home, we find a sphere in which the application of data collection tools has an exciting future. Many smart tech products integrate data collection software to automate and optimize a range of household tasks. The Aros air conditioner leverages personal budget, schedule, and usage data to maintain desired temperatures and maximize savings. Homeowners can control the unit from their mobile phones anywhere inside or outside the house. The data-driven Edyn gardening system allows users to collect and monitor environmental data and remotely activate sprinklers. If you think about it, the utility for mobile data collection software in the home is seemingly endless; the kitchen alone is a Mecca for data collection—Like GoSpotCheck’s retail customers, your very own kitchen relies on inventory levels and expiration dates! We look forward to seeing what’s to come in terms of smart tech appliances for the home.

As we continue to provide enterprise mobile software to companies seeking improved retail execution, we’re thrilled to witness these latest applications of mobile data collection techniques to the execution of personal goals and tasks.

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