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Ensure your teams always have the right assignments and improve their efficiency with automated Smart Teams and Smart Place Groups.

It’s happened to the best of us. You hire on a great new team member, let’s call her Sabrina, and you’ve added her to your GoSpotCheck dashboard. You’ve even included additional information about Sabrina, like her Region and Route ID in the form of GoSpotCheck properties. But maybe you forgot to add her to the Teams that correspond with her region and route properties.

Two things can happen from there: a) Sabrina calls you up from the field (or she calls our excellent support team) and asks why she can’t see some of the Missions she’s expecting to see, or perhaps more likely, b) she doesn’t notice the missing Missions and carries on with her day. And for every Mission that she’s unable to see (and therefore complete), your business loses visibility into things that matter most.

Let’s change that.

Introducing Smart Teams and Smart Place Groups.

How They Work

Smart Teams and Place Groups automatically update when a user or place matches a specific criteria. Smart, right? For example, Sabrina serves the Midwest Region, and you’ve added the region property of “Midwest” to her profile. Now you can create a “Midwest” Smart Team that automatically includes any user with a matching “Midwest” property, including Sabrina on her first day.

The reverse is also true; Smart Teams exclude users who no longer match the criteria. Perhaps Sabrina is backfilling Billy, who recently transferred to the Western region. As soon as you update Billy’s region from Midwest to West in GoSpotCheck, he is automatically removed from the Midwest Smart Team and placed on the West Smart Team.

Smart Place Groups behave in the exact same way, only instead of automatically grouping users together when they share the right combination of properties, they group places.

Why it Matters

Teams and place groups are the foundation of Mission distribution. We’ve worked to automate the organization and management of teams and places to save you time because we know your time is valuable.

Smart Teams is launching Mid-Q1 2019, with Smart Place Groups arriving in Early Q2 2019.
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