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Add recurring schedules and key deadlines to your Missions to align with your business goals

If you’ve ever set a recurring calendar event as a reminder to log-in to GoSpotCheck at a certain time each day to start or stop a Mission, we’ve got some great news! GoSpotCheck’s brand new Mission Availability settings make it easy to create recurring windows of time when a Mission should display as “Available” within the mobile app, automatically hiding and showing Missions according to the availability schedule you’ve set. It also provides your team with visibility into when a Mission is due, helping them to prioritize the initiatives you care about most.

How It Works

How It Can Help You

These settings open up a world of possibilities for our customers to use GoSpotCheck in new ways. Try:

Why It Matters

Mission Availability places your team's focus on your priorities by automatically filtering out Missions that are not immediately actionable. It also helps prioritize work based on deadlines--empowering companies to focus the energy of their mobile workforce on the most critical activities first. Last, Mission Availability helps improve the integrity of the data you are collecting by ensuring date and time-based compliance.

Here's Your Time Back: Overall, the ability to set up recurring daily, weekly, and monthly Missions with this level of granularity will dramatically increase productivity and save time previously spent calendaring, copying or aggregating data across Missions. 

We’re so excited to see what you do with Mission Availability - Now go ahead and delete that recurring “Stop GSC Mission” Calendar invite!

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