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Level up your enterprise software security by integrating GoSpotCheck with any third-party Identity Provider to streamline login and access management

Now, GoSpotCheck customers can seamlessly integrate with your existing federated Identity Provider (IdP) to streamline the user log-in experience and improve an admin's ability to manage who should (and should not) have access to GoSpotCheck.

How It Works

Your Identity Management Solution (software solutions like Microsoft Azure, Okta, or Centrify) is your source of truth for new hires, employee promotions, and departures or terminations. Now, as you update your IdP with personnel changes, those updates are passed to GoSpotCheck, keeping the two platforms in sync and ensuring that only individuals with the right authorization can access the platform.

With SSO, access management for GoSpotCheck stays where it belongs — in your IdP.

For example, say you hire three new sales reps and need to get them set up to use GoSpotCheck. With SSO, simply adding the three users to your Identity Management solution will automatically provision them for access to the GoSpotCheck mobile app. But let’s take it a step further. Within your IdP, you also store important information about these users — things like the territory or market they will be responsible for. As part of the SSO configuration, you can select which user attributes you’d like to sync to GoSpotCheck, so that when each user logs in to the Mobile App for the first time, they can immediately view and complete Missions relevant to their specific territory and market.

Logging in with SSO

For organizations that have implemented Single Sign-On, logging in to GoSpotCheck is as simple as entering a company email address on our log-in page. GoSpotCheck will immediately redirect the user to your Identity Provider for verification. On successful verification, users will be allowed to access the appropriate GSC application without the burden of having to remember another password.

Benefits of SSO

With SSO, you no longer need to manage user access within GoSpotCheck, saving time for admins responsible for keeping GoSpotCheck in step with their Identity Provider. And because SSO can keep significant attributes about each user up to date, the need to maintain and update user properties within GoSpotCheck are reduced, or in some cases, eliminated.

But efficiency gains aren’t limited to just your admins: mobile app users for companies who have implemented Single Sign-On will no longer experience administrative delays in getting their account set up. As soon as the user is added to the Identity Provider, he/she can log in to GoSpotCheck and get to work. And because they use the same credentials as they do for all of your company’s software (managed by the IdP), there’s no need to remember a unique password for GoSpotCheck; if they can access their company email, they can access GoSpotCheck.

Just like you, we take data security very seriously. Our SSO offering enhances log in security for all customers with world-class protections including anomaly detection, independent audits, and breach password protection.

Available Now

SSO is available now — If you’re interested in learning more about integrating GoSpotCheck with your IdP, please contact your Enterprise Sales Manager or Customer Success Manager.

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