Field teams rely on real-time data to power mobile retail execution strategies...

...and they aren’t alone. Groups and departments across a company are affected by the intelligence gathered in the field. As such, data must be easily accessible to everyone in an organization and reflect what’s happening at the current moment. Outdated data, or data that reaches departments at different times, will not only be less valuable, but will also make collaboration more difficult.

Leading outdoor retailer Gerber Gear uses GoSpotCheck’s mobile data collection software to coordinate and collaborate within departments. According to Gerber Gear, the app helps “field reps collaborate with the company’s marketing team to report on a host of metrics and product information that is valuable to new product development.”

This collaboration saves Gerber Gear time and money—With comprehensive, real-time data from the field, other teams, like marketing groups, don’t have to travel to collect competitive intelligence and conduct product research. GoSpotCheck “sends a rep’s data automatically to the appropriate people, summarizing missions and aggregating data across field reps, making accurate data analysis easy and efficient,” Gerber Gear states. In this way, the right software can facilitate collaboration and interdepartmental communication.

A product launch is a great example during which it’s important to share data widely across an organization so that departments can work together smoothly and efficiently. When a product launches, real-time data is crucial. There is a small window of time in which a new product can leave an impression on customers, and you want that impression to be long-lasting and positive. It’s important to know right away if a merchandising strategy isn’t working so that adjustments can be made immediately and potential sales aren’t lost.

Real-time data gives everyone across a company the same bird’s eye view of what’s happening in the field—and allows them to drill down into the details, enabling flexible analysis and efficient problem solving. Field teams are empowered to raise questions and identify problems that can help different constituencies within an enterprise, and employees outside the field can make decisions based on exactly what’s happening at the current moment. Real-time data facilitates true enterprise-wide collaboration. Make sure you’re prioritizing real-time mobile data collection within your organization.

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