Enterprises aren’t the only ones adopting mobile data collection software to improve performance and management strategy.

New mobile-enabled tech products are being introduced in a seemingly unlikely place—the global baby and child care market, at what seems like lightening speed. Baby monitors and wearable devices, for example, are coming equipped with data collection software to track a host of different metrics including temperature, sleep, movement and a baby’s vitals. At GoSpotCheck, we love exploring this trend since we staunchly believe in harnessing the power of data collection for optimal performance and improved workflows. And who said taking care of a baby isn’t hard work!?

We poured through the abundance of baby care applications and tools to present you with our four top favorites.

Total Baby This one has just about everything for the new parent. With its elegant and easy-to-use interface, the comprehensive timer-equipped logging and tracking application enables parents to measure and record all manner of nursing, bathing, sleeping, immunization, and diaper-related specifics. Best of all it emphasizes flexibility, so parents can create customizable reminder alerts. Plus, it leverages the essential data collected to generate clear and interactive charts and high-level views. This allows parents to identify behavioral patterns, share knowledge with other caregivers and doctors, spot abnormal behavior, and even possibly prevent the threat of impending illnesses.

Learner Mosaic Here is a terrific early education application for older children from the highly innovative folks at Kidaptive. It gives parents individualized insights derived from their child’s progress on Kidaptive’s Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program learning app, offering a range of data-driven observations across over 75 developmental skill categories. Over time, the application creates a unique “learning map,” equipping parents with an unprecedented understanding of their child’s learning style. Simply put, we’re blown away by Learner Mosaic’s streamlined visualizations of abstract data-driven intelligence.

My Mobile Watchdog As kids grow up and begin enjoying some independence (both outdoors and online), parents still want to keep them safe. Enter My Mobile Watchdog, a great mobile data collection tool for parents of teenagers. The app not only makes it easy for parents to set web controls, it furnishes them with call logs, records of text messages, and GPS-powered location monitoring. The importance of real-time data intelligence is something we know well, and if used correctly, an emphasis on empowering teens to be smart and careful about their independence can be achieved.

iAllowance It’s never too early for parents to start teaching their children about the importance of responsible money management, and the learning-by-doing on this front often begins with an allowance. iAllowance is a standout in this category because beyond scheduling payments, tracking deductions and categorizing transactions, it also has a household chore records function. This means that allowances can be directly associated with such tasks, tying money earned to work performed. Plus, the app generates reports and pie charts based on allowance data collected, which can prove to be a powerful financial education tool for children.

The best part about these robust applications is that they are all mobile-enabled, allowing parents to manage mobile data collection, communication and analytics from anywhere. With parenthood, you may often feel like you’re in the trenches, but when smart mobile data collection software makes your life easier, reduces stress and helps protect your child, it’s a no-brainer. We’re pleased to see that mobile data collection has found a home—well—at home.

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