Generally speaking, mergers and acquisitions are signs of a growing, healthy economy.

Throughout 2015, some of the world’s largest companies have acquired and bought out smaller – or similar-sized – businesses.

Companies interested in merging often have commonalities – including space, competition, industry, and interest in the same metrics. GoSpotCheck is an aggregation tool that collects data as evidence for working strategy.

Take a look at some of the largest mergers to happen in 2015:

Regardless of size, merging can be a very beneficial decision for brands and retailers that wish to combine opportunities. Prior to a merger or acquisition, the right enterprise SaaS solution can provide a baseline of operations and efficiency. Furthermore, the same software can aggregate data after the merger.

Real-time data is necessary to fully understand the effects of a merger or acquisition. Structured data can prove that the merger was beneficial – thus supplying insight for future decisions.

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