The Holiday Season and the end of the year is often a time for reflection.

Companies and employees take the time to evaluate their progress and create goals for the new year. At GoSpotCheck, we are quite festive this time of year and do indulge in all the things that keep us going (specifically, family and friends). But like most startups, we refine our goals regularly and don't "wait for the season". Each week, we have a regular Monday night meeting in which we are constantly creating and refining our resolutions.

We are able to highlight certain achievements and projects that our co-workers might not be aware of while working on other projects. Anyone could give anyone else kudos, if they see fit. Sometimes cheesy, but always important...

For example, people often say, "I give kudos to Dave for his blogging, for his command of the english language never ceases to amaze me" or "Kudos to Dave for solving that impossible problem" or "Kudos to someone on their something" and so on and so forth, and we all applaud in acknowledgement.

While 2013 is certain to be great, we wanted to take the time to recognize some of the things we've done internally. While most blogs are busy looking ahead, making resolutions and creating steadfast beliefs for the upcoming year,

2. We grew out of our company's office space... twice actually. We are now in the awesome Galvanize space.3. We moved from 1 whiteboard, to 3 whiteboards, to a wall turned into a whiteboard

4. We built and deployed a mobile and web application that is enabling our customers, enterprise retail businesses, to function more efficiently.5. We have become fast experts in optimizing the use of our applications for managing customer information, reporting, and decision making with precision and power.

9. We have been surrounded by, and are fortunate to have, some of the finest advisors and investors in the world.10. We are on the move, we are growing, we are accomplishing more faster and our engine has picked up steam for what will surely be a HUGE 2013!


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