There is no doubt that enterprise software is changing rapidly.

The old days of clunky systems that take a large manual to operate are quickly going away. We are moving towards a world where employees actually get to use great software in their day to day operations instead of using old systems that just end up breeding frustration.

When it comes to mobile apps, enterprise customers are wanting apps that are easy to use and fit one specific use case. Data collection is an essential activity for many employees and mobile apps are driving huge improvement to the process. Here are 3 key ways that mobile apps are improving data collection for enterprises:

  1. Always on connectivity: Smartphones are essentially high powered computers that are always with us and always connected to the internet. This presents a perfect platform for mobile data collection because it enables employees to quickly and easily capture data.
  2. GPS & Photos: By leveraging some of the core competencies of mobile devices like GPS and photos, employees can now capture better data and management can ensure that data collection is truly occurring at the appropriate location. A picture says a thousand words and by using the camera on the smartphone, employees can tell a much better story through their data collection.
  3. Simplicity: The small screen size on mobile phones forces developers to build applications that are simple to use. When it comes to data collection, a simple interface is essential because a complicated UI and distract a user and also create confusion. By building simple interfaces, enterprises can ensure that their employees will actually collect data properly while also having a better user experience.

We happen to think that we are building the best mobile data collection app for enterprises. If you are interested in learning more about our features (both on the mobile collection side as well as the web reporting), head on over to our features page.

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