GetApp is a comparison site that introduces companies to business cloud applications.

GetApp has information, including reviews and explanations, about cloud-based apps from over 100 software categories. Recently, GoSpotCheck ranked #3 in GetRank: GetApp’s quarterly rankings of top platforms based in the cloud.

Our CEO, Matt Talbot, sat down with GetApp to discuss how technology can enable field workers – by providing real-time data.

Talbot tells GetApp how his background – which includes being a Colorado native and Bucknell University alum – landed him in Denver as the co-founder of a startup. GoSpotCheck, he says, helps companies re-organize strategy that is causing “massive inefficiencies and knowledge gaps.” Talbot goes on to explain how technology can help businesses overcome impending and unavoidable challenges. Talbot also talks about his achievements and inspirations – and finally, his love for the guitar.

Read more about how structured data provides actionable insights.

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